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  1. the thing is these new intel cards are very small, they fit in PCIE slot on motherboard and they give you Bluetooth as well. i actually updated my links to an even better version.
  2. OK this is a very big conundrum for me here, when i build my computer i chose Tplink Archer 1900 for my wifi card and i am very happy with it, but i still had to buy Bluetooth dongle on top of this expensive wifi card. later i found Intel Wireless-Ac 9260 that uses an intel wifi card that give you high speed wifi connection in addition to 4.2 Bluetooth and it is much cheaper than my wifi card. now question is, weather there is an advantage to these expensive dedicated wifi cards or I wasted my money? that being said my network speed and reliability is real good with tp link card. i never used a gigabyte Intel card, all i had was low end ones on my laptops and didn't have good experience. I really want to know if i should consider Intel Wireless-Ac 9260 for my next build. or should i stick to tested Tplink Archer 1900 ? strong and reliable connection is very important for me.
  3. do you want to duplicated the game on the other monitor or you want to extend ? if you want to duplicate you have to do it with the lowest resolution that both monitors can support i guess.
  4. i bought a laptop from Dubai, it was very cheap, when i came here i said OK ill buy one of these cables. first one burned, literary burned , i could smell, second one just stopped working, so i just bought a european to american adapter.
  5. i have spectrum , they gave me free modem. they charge 10 $ for wifi. thats why i am telling him to get his own wifi. buying your own modem is a huge headache. the compatibility and installing just not worthid. you have to call them give them mac address, they will tell you its not compatible and .......
  6. well i don't like to buy second hand routers, because just like power supplies their performance does get reduced over time. i do not know why, but I have experienced performance reduction on old routers. but you defiantly need a new router and i do not like ISP modem router combos. i never had good experience with them. that's why i am suggesting to you what i did. buy a cheap new router for a littel more than $ 20 - $ 30 and i think most ISPs provide free cable modem.
  7. maybe i didn't phrase my sentences well, i think for this individual, who does occasional content creation + gaming and streaming, intel is a better choice. looks like he does everything with this computer and in that case he will enjoy the single threaded performance of 7700. Although having a 1700 does improve his content creation it doesn't improve his overall experience. it is also much cheaper for him to stick with intel .
  8. you are right it is better but not crushing thats all i am saying
  9. I dont see 1700 in there and over clock that i7 7700k to 5.1 ghz and you will see the performance gap close, you cannot overclock ryzen more than 4 ghz. i am not intel fan, sure ryzen might be a little better in multi threading but most of the things you do daily are single threaded.
  10. remember Linus always says it is better to upgrade to one generation older platform, because new platforms are always buggy, you situation is unique though, you are upgrading a little soon and to better performance. i usually upgrade every 3-4 years, even with my gpus.
  11. i dont know if you should upgrade now, it all depends on how much you need to upgrade. it seems kinda soon since you have a new i5, but sticking with inlet platform defiantly seems more feasible.
  12. well ryzen doesn't 7 does not really crush 7700k even in multi threaded performance becuse even though intel has less core it has a huge speed gap in each core which makes up for having less number of cores.
  13. well for i7-7700 you just buy a cpu and slap it on you mobo, but for 1700 you have to change the whole platform and buy mobo and maybe even new ram. so i say stay with intel. it is much cheaper and slightly better performance .
  14. the clock speed is not that important in over clocking. you can try and error on that video stops freezing and you get stable frames. find out what is the maximum value you can volt your gpu and make sure as you volt gpu you dont go more than 85 c temperature. it might be safe to go 100 c but it is too much not good for gpu. and i suggest you dont volt gpu to max. volt less than max
  15. WCR-GN is 150 mb/s router it is bottleneck to your speed i suggest buying one of these routers and a free modem separate from router from your ISP: https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-AC1900-Range-Wireless-Router/dp/B00PDLRHFW/ref=sr_1_7?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1502995824&sr=1-7&keywords=router&th=1 great speeds great costumer service reliable easy bios to work with ( user friendly) cheap for the product i suggest the AC1900 they have cheaper lineups i put the link below but these worth much more in terms of performance - value. cheaper linup: https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-Wireless-Router-450Mbps-TL-WR940N/dp/B01K1JJUNW/ref=sr_1_4?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1502995824&sr=1-4&keywords=router&th=1 it is always a good idea to separate modem and router