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  1. Thank you so much for the suite suggestion! Was able to update my BIOS through the program and now I can get into BIOS again, I really appreciate it, thank you again!!!
  2. I'm having an issue where I cannot boot into BIOS as the title says. The PC works fine, it boots into Windows normally, but when I turn on the computer and the splash screen comes on and when I press either del or F2 if I want to go into BIOS, it just goes to a black screen instead and is frozen. I've tried taking out the CMOS battery for few minutes but that didn't work unfortunately. I have the Asus X570 TUF Gaming Motherboard. The strange thing is that I was able to boot into just fine earlier but now it just has stopped working.
  3. Thanks for the swift response and good news! I really appreciate it my man.
  4. So as the title says, does the NH-D15 chromax cooler fit into the Fractal Design Define 7 case? I've checked the Noctua website for the case compatibility list and the Define case isn't there since it was just released hence the reason why I'm asking. Any answers will be greatly appreciated, thank you!
  5. I am speechless. I have found the issue. The thing is that the motherboard was bought refurbished from Amazon Warehouse. I checked the BIOS and my CPU WAS F*CKING OVERCLOCKED TO 5 GHZ THIS HOLE TIME WITHOUT ME KNOWING IT. I'm gonna reset the motherboard now. I'm so sorry for this huge waste of time, i installed the cooler without any problems hence my frustration. No wonder why PC ALWAYS turns on the 2nd try not the 1st one and i even made a thread about it yesterday hahahah.
  6. i9 9900k. i didn't apply any additional thermal paste. only the pre-applied from the cooler
  7. and regarding the thermal paste on the CPU, i didn't apply any myself since as you mentioned the cooler has it preapplied. the marks are just my struggles of installing the cooler.
  8. Yeah but the thing is, when it's idle it averages around 45-50 degrees, which is way too high for the cooler I'm using so it definitely is not having enough contact with the cpu. Just for nostalgic reasons ?, i played GTA:SA, the cpu temperatures were 65c, definitely very high temps for such an old game.
  9. I am using them, was just showing what did i use, that's all.
  10. Well, with the Lian-Li PC-O11 Dynamic case the radiator is more to the front side but it's next to MB to be exact.
  11. I have just this backplate and 4 screws (on left) for it and the 4 screws to keep the cooler intact.
  12. Tried doing some benchmarks. Temps went from 30 Celsius to 85 Celsius in 3 effing seconds before i panickedly closed Cinebench.
  13. As seen in the picture, the Corsair H150i cannot reach the CPU. Of course I've done all the steps that are in the manual. Where should i be putting the most force? should i hold the backplate strongly on the MB (asus prime z390-p) while i put the screws in? Or is there a different way? Apologies for the dumb question, it just baffles me since I've installed liquid coolers before without problems hence the reason I'm confused what I've done wrong. any help would be appreciated.
  14. Thanks, after a few boots, it is now booting on the first try. was a bit worried the PSU was faulty ?
  15. Just built a new PC but i have an issue where when i turn it on for the first time, all the fans starting spinning but nothing shows up on the monitor and then it turns off after 10-15 secs. Although, after the 2nd boot, it turns on without any problems and shows the motherboard logo as normal. Here are the specs - i9 9900k + Corsair H150i Asus Radeon VII Corsair Vengeance 16GBx4 2666 mHz RAM Samsung 970 EVO SSD 1TB Samsung 860 EVO SSD 1TB Crucial BX500 SSD 120GB Asus Prime Z390-P EVGA Supernova G2 750w 80+ Gold Any help would be greatly appreciated.