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    Dear god what sunken ship did you find this on
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    apple 2 green crt
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  1. Don't actually do that...... you won't have the required voltage regulator and it will not work. Just buy the correct cable
  2. error 62 on that board is "Installation of the PCH Runtime Services". Only thin I can think of is the bios doesn't support the cpu or gpu and needs to be updated before you can actually start the machine
  3. there was a video by low spec gamer improving this build by a lot
  4. i'm seeing plenty with world wide shipping , that is unless you don't live near the world
  5. I suppose I also would have problem with disassembling a device I didnt actually have
  6. no just buy the correct adapter cable they make plenty of them
  7. well for my eeb board I used an old gateway case and removed all the drive guts , but it was a lot of fabrication. your eeb board is pretty close to an e-atx board just a bit wider so have a look at tower e-atx cases and just make sure theres some extra room in front of the board for the extra width https://www.newegg.com/p/pl?N=100008044 600029569 600006412 600006416
  8. i'm also intrigued as to what monitor it is
  9. make and model. also if the gpu is in the 4x slot it's not working as hard so that'll be why it works in that slot vs the correct one
  10. According to past posts your monitor requires a dual link port specifically..... ..... however you didn't actually confirm that your computer has an issue that required replacing the gpu. The rx580s have dual link ports so it would seem you have a totally different issue
  11. we're .... gonna need a better description of the problem than that you dont mention what games you play what settings you use what any of the system usages are anything you've done so far to solve the issue
  12. do you actually need a 1080 or just any gpu with dual link dvi? becuase plenty other cards have dual link dvi
  13. why not use a better rad then such as a cheap or even free automotive rad seeing as you arent using it for computer purposes anyway