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    Professional mean girl

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    Proffesional mean girl


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    Dear god what sunken ship did you find this on
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    enough to play doom and run dos
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    sli voodoo2
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    old pizza box
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    rubbermade tupperware
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    apple 2 green crt
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    tub of superman icecream
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    pc speaker
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  1. emosun

    Low GPU usage in games with no bottleneck

    does turning the settings down yield a higher frame rate
  2. Question.... does it need to be a build that "was built in 1995-2005" and is an old photo from that time period? or may i submit my recent builds that are made of 1995-2005 parts. this is my bread and butter era so i can't wait lol
  3. emosun

    Cant get to desktop with the GPU connected

    has this card ever worked in this board
  4. emosun

    BF1 badly optimised for the gtx 1060?

    that card isn't a miracle worker , turn settings down if you want over 60fps it doesn't have a lot of vram to work with here
  5. emosun

    Cant get to desktop with the GPU connected

    start the machine in safe mode with the gpu installed from what i read you havent tried that configuration yet and idk how you installed the drivers for it without the card actually being present
  6. emosun

    gta v not working with rx 560

    how are you able to confirm windows 10 is "blocking" the game from using the gpu
  7. With most people on earth switching to portable devices , the ups had become a lot less important. that being said I already have adobe set to autosave every 5 minutes and my browsers seem to save state every second so idk how useful i could still make one be.
  8. emosun

    Dual curved Monitor setup or normal Monitors?

    curved screens to me are...... kinda lame. but it's just my personal opinion. it seems like a gimmick , lets face it it's not exactly going to rival omnimax any time soon and most of the content/programs you use on it are made to be seen on a flat screen so nothing really takes advantage of the small amount of curve anyway.
  9. emosun

    Graphics card artifacting and crashing

    I also just considered that you should make sure it's not one of those cheapo fake gpu's that come from china that are sold on ebay
  10. put a standoff there and see if it fixes it . although i can't imagine that would cause audio buzz
  11. emosun

    Graphics card artifacting and crashing

    if both os's with two different drivers exhibit the same issue you've basically eliminated software as the problem If the power supply is a decent enough unit and the gpu isn't overheating or has the cooler mounted wrong or fan inop then the card may just be fried
  12. emosun

    Motherboard drivers clash

    it's very common place to reinstall windows when changing a board for this exact reason
  13. emosun

    Lets build the most budget pc

    you really should be buying used at this price point One of the worst ways to buy with such a low budget is to get the worst new parts over better used previous gen parts. you'll essentially have a terrible computer who's only plus is that the components aren't previously owned.
  14. emosun

    Lets build the most budget pc

    the dumpster computer might actually give that a run for it's money lol
  15. emosun

    would speakers perform worse behind monitor?

    putting a computer monitor in front of the speakers while they are playing sounds or music is similar to putting a computer monitor in front of someones face while they are talking to you