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    Professional mean girl

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    Proffesional mean girl


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    Dear god what sunken ship did you find this on
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    enough to play doom and run dos
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    sli voodoo2
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    old pizza box
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    rubbermade tupperware
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    apple 2 green crt
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    tub of superman icecream
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    pc speaker
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  1. emosun

    GPU won't clock down all the way on idle

    zero , this will have zero effect on longevity
  2. emosun

    $260 GTX 1070Ti or a $400 RTX 2060?

    all i know is i wouldnt pay 400 for a 2060
  3. emosun

    Hard Drive not Detected

    you unplug it and use a different sata port , not rocket science
  4. emosun

    Hard Drive not Detected

    your board probably shares a sata port with the m2 port , says in the manual just move the 8tb drive off that ;port
  5. emosun

    Who was your Valentine this year and Last year?

    nobody! because boys are awful people
  6. emosun

    cpu bottleneck on ssd

    i like how you typed all that without asking what game it was at what setting or what cpu or gpu they were using. I wish i could do pc diagnostic blind
  7. emosun

    Malware, HELP !!!

    and stop frequenting torrenting sites how bout
  8. emosun


  9. emosun

    Digital Signage Solutions?

    yeah someone else can help with that then seeing as remote desktop software might be too simple
  10. emosun

    What's the best Power Supply?

  11. emosun

    Digital Signage Solutions?

    darn you would need some form of computer that was connected to the same network and have some sort of access to it like..... any machine on the network with a usb port. alright i'm done
  12. emosun

    Major Upgrade

    what do you edit in
  13. emosun

    Digital Signage Solutions?

    well you sure are thinking of a lot of ways to make it more complicated than a still image slideshow need be i'll give you that
  14. emosun

    Digital Signage Solutions?

    network folder how easy do you want this?