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  1. How much is this worth?

  2. they don't run hot when idle , were you planning on buying a gaming laptop then running it slower at all times?
  3. honestly , right now there's no problem with your machine either. i've typed the answer at least twice now , no sense in me typing any more. maybe somebody else can type the exact same thing to you and you can drive them nuts instead
  4. you can put a boot disk in the cd rom install something on the drive to boot to first , only then if its not an option do you actually have a problem.
  5. there nothing on the drives to boot to , i dont know what else to say. if you arent going to put something on the drive for the system to boot to then its not going to be a bootable option.
  6. so let me get this straight.... theres nothing wrong with the machine the drives show up and are being used in windows they show up in the bios but they don't show up as a bootable option EVEN THOUGH they aren't boot drives to begin with...... thats your problem correct?
  7. Double check please?

    you could also just get a free case which will save you 34$. honestly the free case might be higher quality than the 34$ case.
  8. if they have nothing to boot then they aren't going to show in the boot priority as an option.... much in the same way your toaster isn;t a selectable gpu. if the drives show up in windows then why does it matter?
  9. then they're not going to show up in the BOOT priority are they?
  10. is there anything on the drives to boot to , you cannot boot to them if there's nothing bootable
  11. How can this fit?

    it only fits in one way. protip , the plugs on the card where you plug the monitor in..... you'll want those to be on the outside of the machine yeah?
  12. How can this fit?

    take it off then install it the correct way.
  13. How can this fit?

    it almost looks like in the picture that you didn;t take the rubber protector off the edge connector on the card
  14. This product is covered by one or more patents

    you'll need a disk , drive , usb , or network location for the machine to boot to.