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  1. about windows 7

  2. about windows 7

    Large companies make up the majority of windows 7 users but it's for any machine running windows 7. Not that any of this matters as common sense virus protection will still be the be all end all for how secure any machine is even with windows 10. I would say any machine with a common sense user will be more secure than a windows 10 machine with someone downloading anything willy nilly.
  3. about windows 7

    you can now pay to entend it's service updates past 2020 reason being a good majority of the world will still be using it past 2020 so microsoft is cashing in on those users.
  4. about windows 7

    Sure. No reason not to with paid extended service.
  5. Old school CPU quandary

    or if you can get more ram into that 3770 that would be about the same then
  6. Old school CPU quandary

    I used to run two e5450's. they were okish in premiere. provided it's only 1080 60 video that dual e5520 machine with 24gb of ram is going to be your huckleberry
  7. Getting a cheap iphone

    what was the plastic iphone they sold a few years back? i bet those are pretty cheap now
  8. GPU Making Stange Noises

    you can try but the coil whine could be coming from pretty much anywhere , your psu or mobo might just even be that your specific combination of parts will always yeild coil whine. you can try but it might not fix it
  9. GPU Making Stange Noises

    coil whine , it's common
  10. RTX 2080 Issues - Crashing!

    you aren't overheating when the card overheats , it'll hit almost 100c and your machine will shut off , no bluescreen , no shutdown , it'll shut all the way off.
  11. no these machines use sata 2 also you will be running 7 or 10 on these machine not vista. there's no reason to use vista unless you simply want the machine to be worse for no reason.
  12. RTX 2080 Issues - Crashing!

    lot of times a bluescreen on a machine with high amount of chips per stick increases the chance it will hit a part of memory that is bad. essentially you won't bluescreen just doing normal tasks. but loading the ram up a lot will finally tax the area that's bad causing a bluescreen. by taking out 1 stick you are simplifying the ram setup from both the rams point , and from the boards point dealing with more than one stick. if it has any effect at all we know where the issue is.
  13. the entire machine is a 10 year old bottleneck so i'd take what you can get and not worry about it. keep in mind the gpu might flat out not work on such an old pci-e standard so be ready for that. people forget that pci-e 1.0 1.0a and 1.1 had a lot of compatibility issues in those days
  14. RTX 2080 Issues - Crashing!

    pull out one ram stick and run it on 8gb and see if it still crashes
  15. maybe like a gtx 750 but be careful to not buy a fake one.