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  1. All I want is a note9 with a swappable battery so I don't run out of juice midflight.
  2. Never had an issue with mine (I had a quad dac version), you'll find horror stories for all phones.
  3. Too bad LG phones arent more popular, my G6 had a better camera than my note9. Better sound too.
  4. How can I permanently turn off the enemy triangle markers in singleplayer? Quite immersion breaking to have them there.
  5. I've been subbed to the channel almost since the beginning, but I haven't watched through an entire video in years, stuff hosted solo by Anthony and scrapyard wars being the exception. Granted the most recent season of the latter proved that too has turned into scrap. Guess I grew out of their demographic or they changed who they targeted.
  6. The 2080 is still going to sound like a jet engine. Save the money up for a new build rather than trying to fix your prebuilt, upgrading for one game is silly anyways; if it's a good game now it will still be one when you have a new computer. (If you don't know how to build yourself, just use komplett.no as they build in regular cases)
  7. C15 should overclock to 3200 without touching the timings.
  8. That would be a complete waste of money and no.
  9. Lets hope they call it sti and don't realise until it's too late.
  10. Cyberpunk is a year away, buy whatever is out then and stop thinking about upgrading now; as it's a complete waste of time and money if you're still getting 60+ fps at your desired settings.
  11. 1080 and 5700 are about equal judging purely by fps. Radeon Image Sharpening is rather neat though so I'd go with the 5700xt if I needed a card. (I have a 1080)
  12. There's no reason to replace my note9 for this other than the cameras.
  13. I'm in Japan atm and I've seen alot of jackets and shirts with fans built in. I would like to try Sonys concept too
  14. He doesnt know how many emails begged for him to reconsider, probably because there were none.