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  1. Well actually, I guess, most Adapters work (and than HDMI cable) - they are likely designed with that in mind. I just thought, that Intel actually also has this on theyr IGPU. I mean, it is an actual sort of GPU - I would have expected that they do not cheap out, since they are not cheap usually... Dissapointed. This requires a dumb workaround, I hate it. It was supposed to be simple and cheap... Edit: And of corse, thank you all for that quick response. That was a forum usage I realy liked. And I usually hate it!
  2. Just plain wrong. Why the heck does that myth hold up in 2020? My living room PC uses a DVI-HDMI adapter on 1060 6GB. The TV than outputs the Toslink to my receiver. So yes, it definitely works. And DVI and HDMI share identical pins - why do you think, does that work at all with no active electronics? Sound definitely works over DVI. Proof in my living room. (I was hooking up a 2nd monitor and found out, I actually have HDMI hooked up now, to save an adapter. Was a mistake - I lost it and had to actually buy a new one. Lol Oh, did not read it correctly. The P8H61 MX uses an i5-4440 and 2 4GB sticks from Crucial. That is actually all. And I hooked up a cheap case with Frontpanel with IEEE 1394 and 2x USB2 and also mic in and hp out.
  3. I have the ASUS P8H61 MX. I plugged it into the TV of my parents through DVI-HDMI adapter. Aaaand. No sound! And no, realy nothing at ALL! I mean, there is not even a device like "NVIDIA HDMI Audio" or whatever it is on a GPU. The device also is not hidden. It does not exist to windows. So I went to the Bios setting, but the ONLY audio related option was: Audio something: "AC97" or "HD" (Forgot the actual settings name - whatever, it also does not fix it). Since there is not even a device detected anywhere, I am starting to doubt, there is any Sound hardware to the HDMI - but what do you need that video port for, if no sound works? And NO! I will under no circumstance work with additional cabling with 3.5mm HP jack. It has to work over HDMI - it should insta-work. It at least does on any other system I used so far. The video Settings from intel also suck a lot. They do not even tell me, what integrated graphics unit is on the board. Could you believe that? I hate, when companies cut off my balls and believe, that I as a user am just totally brainfarted and am not allowed to see such information. In device manager it is also just called something like Intel HD Grapics or so. At least there is no number at all, indicating anything specific. At least display scaling worked - why is this even required at ALL anytime?
  4. I did it, just as described. Using the official method. The problem is fixed now. Solution for everyone: If you paste the location and apply, steam does not know the new path - it is like some forms in browsers, if you do not leave the field, it actually thinks, it still is empty, because it gets applied, when a trigger is hit - like a fake layer, that registers the input, but it needs a trigger, to actually accept that. The trigger for this example is set, if you just use the dropdown menue. Being an advanced user, does not make it easy all the times. Sometimes you have to use a PC, as if it is dumb.
  5. I have set up steam with 3 libraries. (C:\ = SSD, E:\ = HDD1 and K:\ = HHD2) I want to move a game to the library on K:\ and I actually use the same folder, that I setup as a library early. Now, whenever I paste the path, it just moves the game files between C:\ and E:\ each time. What did they program?
  6. Microsofts app is not that practical nor does it do, what I need... Do I realy have to learn Java and code ot myself? Aint got much time to do so... Thanks for the try.
  7. Hey guys, i really really need an app, that does the following: - Create new entry with a repeating date (Birthday), give notification 2 and 1 weeks before and 2 and 1 days before (or any other combination) > Mom Birthday: 10.21.2019, Notification on 10.07.2019 "Buy gift", 10.14.2019 "Package gift", 10.19.2019 "Buy flowers" and 10.20.2019 "Next day: Birthday Mom!" - Create new entry as checklist, also plan a checklist like "Shopping on friday 18:00", if I do not check the entry, it is supposed to show the next day. Also setup notification > Just like below... - The ability to check the checklist in the notification bar (OPTIONAL) > Friday: [ ] Shopping (Show until disabled) [ ] Do kitchen cleaning (show 24 hours or until disabled) [ ] Clean Home for Date (show 48 hours - cannot be disabled) - Create regular entry and also there setup the notification as intended by myself > Like: 10.30.2019 12:00 Buisiness meeting, notify me 30hours before, notify me 5hours before with message: "Prepare documment x for meeting" Please help me. I have depressions and it is hard to find a daily structure, if there is no proper to-do list. I realy need it to get my life done right. If there absolutely is no free app, it should be below 10 bucks - I am no bill gates. Thank you, thank you so much for help.
  8. Wow nice, the 710 looks promising. For HDMI it actually supports 4k resolution. If this is full color however needs to be seen. DX12 support API wise is nice - well, not usefull under linux anyway. 19W TDP max is great. I might be able to mod the GPU for lower power usage still. Beefier capacitors and slightly lower voltage should be easy - if software whise there is no other option. Since it is 700 generation, it propably uses not much power anyway. I might measure it with a riser cable and shunt resistor. I am planning on heavy PCIe modifications or at least experiments anyway. (I saw a GPU at my work with just the basics. I never thought, it runs without JTAG and also without SMBus, but both connections actually where not wired at all. Also half the ground pins where missing on the signal paths. It seems, PCIe only requires CLK, VCC, GND, Tx+/- and Rx+/-. That is awesome - I might get into some work with that. Possibly try to just mechanically split 1 x16 to multiple different combinations without any switch IC. That, if it works, opens sooooo many opportunities. There are CLK-buffer ICs on the market for cheap, that would solve the impedance matching. I WAS working on a PCIE to multiple USB3, USB2, Sata 3, 7.1 expansion card, that has an INTEGRATED high power amplifier. Think about that for a sec! All with 1 slot and no switch. If this works.... WOW! Sadly, Asmedia and especially other manufacturers do not sell GEN 3 Switch ICs on the free market - I was lucky to find Gen2 x2 switches. Well, not sooo usefull - only 1GB/s is not worth it, I thought. But directly connecting to ALL the nice, delicious lanes would be incredible. If this works I might create a 10pcs prototype and sell it to interrested people. Let's see, what the future brings - the future might be amazing. And no: This is just PC love - it absolutely makes no sense for private use at all, ever! Sorry for that text. Short form: 710 is good for my use. Thank you! You are a very kind and helpful person. Have a nice day!
  9. As the title suggests. I am searching for the lowest power GPU for just basic computer usage. It is only required for a Linux host and basic desktop usage. If it can somehow play youtube video (software acceleration with cpu should work, right?), I would be happy. - Full HD 1080 required - 4k/UHD would be nice, 1440p also a good solution - 60Hz minimum - 24bit color minimum I somehow am unable to find good data about power usage in general, even worse seraching for a comparision of this kind... I finally want to start my highly customized Linux/Windows PC now and want to safe every W possible... Also, is it a good Idea to just use a basic 10$ video card? I mean, most cards go beyond 20-30W TDP alone. All the power wasted sucks. I know it is only at full load - but what about idle power consumption? I thought of a Sunix VGA - they do not even support 1080p at full color... any alternatives?
  10. That is all I needed. Thank you! Somehow the filter option did not show the setting, even if the name was right... Well got it. Thank you!
  11. Where precicely is this hidden? I cannot find it. German language does not help at all.
  12. Hello folks. I am searching for a way, to stop windows from rebooting, if it THINKS it is idle and therefore can reboot after an update. Rendering a video or similar definitely is not IDLE! However I find hundrets of suicidal tutorials, which totally f*ck up OS security by completely disabling the reboot or even update service. A word for YOU: You need to go to jail for thinking of this! Cybercrimes are not small crimes. In german we say "Kriegsverbrechen", for what I mean to say. Like war-crime or so. Bot.: How do I either increase the countdown to 2 days (do show the window 2 days - of course I likely will click reboot much much sooner. Or disable a countdown, so the window asks for a user input. This is important for me. Do under no circumstance EVER try to tell me or ANYONE, how to disable the updates! This is just wrong on any machine, connected to a network or internet. Thanks a ton for the smart person with a safe and "legal" solutiion. (I mean it that way: Just because something is legal, doesn't make it good to do so. Also, just because something is illegal, does not make it a bad thing. Good is good and bad is bad. Legal is just legal... Simple?) Have a nice day guys and like updating your pc - always use a condom. Security matters all the time! ;) :D
  13. Okay, have to report back! The PCIe x1 to 4 Port SATA 3 Expansion card from China works perfectly fine. It consists of a PCIe x1 to SATA chip and a 1x SATA to 4x SATA multiplier. The nice thing is: It works plug and play with the good old JMB321 IC, which is a SATA 1 Port to 5 Port multiplier. Just like a cheap USB Hub. Works and flawlessly saturates a 2TB WD RED, which only gives me like 120MB read or write at max. So works perfect for me. Can absolutely recommend it, since it is dirt cheap AND works! Edit: Nope, it actually does not work. I cannot find a reason, why. The ASM1061 supports PM, but does not state if CBS or FBS. Also it does not list any compatible hardware. It works with ASM1093 at least - which the card uses. I also tested, to hook the JMB321 to the one SATA Port, which does not go through the ASM1093 Port Multiplier. It yet does not work at all. I do not know, how to fix this issue. It seems, that the PM market ist crappy as hell. Very limited and totally unpredictable compatibility over all hardware... If this helps someone: The JMB321 does not ust FIS/FBS, it uses CBS only. So it is not great for high I/O NAS/RAID usecases.
  14. Well, of course big drives make a ton of sense, but I do not need THAT much space. And also it is sort of a hobby. It is just like the game... You call it... Just Cause! Yes.
  15. Oh Fawk... Wish me luck. I just bought a cheap chinese PCI gen ??? x1 to 4 Port SATA adapter/card. Somehow I think, this might work with 80-90% chance.