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  1. ok thx what's the name of the new vega? i'll search it
  2. so, final conclusions?
  3. well i probably should've fixed the main topic right? some comments later i said i dont need SSD/HHD coz i have one..
  4. yea that's obvious. i meant that there is no need to new SSD
  5. so there's no need to buy new one? that's good
  6. k it's Samsung SSD 850 EVO
  7. yup actually idk... i'll check
  8. remember i think i could get a SSD for free (long story) so i dont need any hard drive/SSD in the build
  9. no 3d modeling or video editing intended
  10. " one that can run AAA titles as well in the future " is exactly me
  11. i have the 1000$ budget so i can finally try some other games, but for now i dont use high end graphics
  12. well, i play mainly low graphic games, like minecraft, civ6. portal is the highest graphics i need really. if i'll have better pc (i have pretty rubbish one now. i3 XD) i would be able to try some other games, but for now that's it
  13. i'm not planning on hard gaming too so...