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    USA, Maine
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    Development Automation Engineer


  • CPU
    Intel i5 6400t 2.20 GHz
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    12 GB DDR4
  • GPU
  • Case
  • Storage
    120 GB Kingston SSD, 1 Tb segate HD
  • PSU
    Powerman 300 watt
  • Display(s)
    Acer 21 1080
  • Keyboard
    1984 IBM Model M
  • Mouse
    Wireless Logitech
  • Operating System
    Win 10 pro

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  1. networkdown

    Laptop performance degraded after Windows 10 v1903 Update

    Good point. I really just use this old laptop for websurfing and email while on the go. For now I will leave win 8.1 on here.
  2. networkdown

    Laptop performance degraded after Windows 10 v1903 Update

    I installed Windows 10 1903 on an old laptop and noticed it was very slow and sluggish compared to windows 7. I installed windows 8.1 pro and it is much better compared to W10 1903. Not sure what they did to make it slower.
  3. networkdown

    Windows 7 performance on a 5400rpm hdd

    I agree, SSD's are cheap now. I just picked up a ADATA 120GB for $17.00 USD from amazon with free shipping. Give that a try.
  4. networkdown

    Windows 7 in 2019

    This old laptop is from 2010. It has an Intel t4500 2.3 ghz duel-core cpu. 4 gigs ddr3 Ram. 120 GB Adata SSD. wifi N usb 2.0 dvd drive Ethernet. Since switching to Windows 8.1 Pro I have seen a drastic increase in operation overall. Things fee snappy and not as bogged down. I did have an issue getting Windows update to work, but after some careful research I was able to fix it with wsusoffline installer. If things do go down hill from here. I will install Linux Mint or Ubuntu and see how they do.
  5. networkdown

    Windows 7 in 2019

    Well I uninstalled windows 10 1903. It was using to much resources for this old laptop. I am trying windows 8.1 today. If this does not work out I will run Lubuntu Linux full time. Here we go!
  6. networkdown

    Windows 7 in 2019

    I have officially upgraded to windows 10 home build 1903. The screen brightness issue is gone. The pc is running good so far. Its not as snappy on this old laptop as windows 7 was. Ill keep testing it. I am curious to see if the battery life is any different on W10.
  7. networkdown

    Windows 7 in 2019

    I am going to make an image of my windows 7 disk. I then will try the windows 10 upgrade. If it sucks, as in performance wise. I will go back to Windows 7.
  8. networkdown

    Windows 7 in 2019

    I am not 100% sure if you can get a free upgrade to windows 10 still. I might be possible. As an comment was stated earlier in the thread why dont i just use linux. I do, everyday. I enjoy linux and have since 2007. So many options and it works on almost anything. The Laptop I have installed windows 7 on was built for Windows 7. When I installed windows 10 on this laptop I was not able to adjust the brightness. It is stuck at 100% all the time. This is know to happen with older CPUs, I tried many suggestions from Microsoft to update the driver and enable settings. None of them worked. This was back in 2015, Microsoft could have fixed it by now.. Maybe I will upgrade to windows 10 at some point this year. Maybe not. Time will tell.
  9. networkdown

    Windows 7 in 2019

    I have just reinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium on an old ssd in an old laptop. After a few hours of updates and downloading my daily use software, I have to say I miss Windows 7. Is anyone ells running windows 7 in 2019. I know we only have 6 more months of supported updates. So Maybe I will upgrade to windows 8.1 in 2020.
  10. Sounds cool, I would like to see what it looks like.
  11. networkdown

    Is windows defender good enough ?

    On all my Windows 10 PC's I use windows defender and malware bytes. I have not had a virus in a long time almost a decade now. Dont download shitware, stay off P0rn sites, you should be fine.
  12. networkdown

    What does your company offer as a work computer?

    I work for a large tech company that makes public sector software. We are contracted with Dell so everything is Dell. I run a Dell Precision with an i7-6820HQ @ 2.7Ghz, 16 GB ram, 500GB SSD, Win 10 Pro, and three 24 inch 1080P monitors connected to a docking station.
  13. How many of you guys still find use for old PC's and laptops? How old is the unit that is still running? What do you use your old PC for? I am typing this forum post on a decade old laptop that is running Lubuntu linux. This old Dell has a duel core Pentium cpu, 4 gigs of ddr3, SSD, a newer battery. Its usable as day to day web surfing, music streaming, emailing mule.
  14. networkdown

    RX 460 in my HP Pavilion 510-p026

    60C under load. 23 - 27C on idle.