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    Ryzen 1700X
  • RAM
    16GB GSkill Trident Z RGB
  • GPU
    Vega 56
  • Case
    Phanteks shift X
  • Cooling
    Custom loop

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  1. Cansel

    Custom Rgb lighting

    I doubt your motherboard can drive them directly, you'll most likely have to buy a driver for them
  2. Have you tested the PSU? Could be putting itself into a security state, would explain why you have to unplug the computer or flip the switch on it.
  3. Cansel


    There's an old renderer still included inside blender that's CPU based only, Cycles can run on both CPU or GPU (not at the same time). You have to change a couple settings to optimize the runtime if you use a CPU or a GPU for Cycles: it renders by block, CPU runs faster with big block whereas GPU likes smaller blocks (or might be the opposite, not to sure anymore)
  4. Cansel


    which blender renderer are you talking of? Cycles (the most recent one) will probably be the closest to Lumion, there will be differences in the algorithm (blender is open source, as far as I can tell Lumion is not so B can't use code from L)
  5. If they all max out at 120Hz it might be that your screen is not setup properly and is set to 120Hz
  6. ffmpeg might be able to do it
  7. No worries since I was able to catch up
  8. I'm here but I don't see you Edit: saw your tweet, moving to the Eiffel tower right now
  9. Might be a bit much to ask for but would you be able to bring some merch over?
  10. So can people with no Honor devices come there to meet you?
  11. Cansel


    might have misunderstood your question, didn't you not want to use the motherboards RGB? if you can use that then yes you can use light strips (most likely 4 pin/non adressable)
  12. Cansel


    that would use the motherboards RGB pin or there might exist some usb powered RGB strips with a remote to choose the color
  13. Cansel


    You could use something like the NZXT Hue with light strips. If you know how to code a bit (Python) you might be interested in the Pimoroni mote, as far as I know it's the cheapest option out there.
  14. Cansel

    How do I boot into bios mode

    F10 doesn't work?
  15. Cansel

    Pirated games FPS increase?

    I think it depends on the game, sometimes the DRM has been fully ripped away, for others it's still there but thinks it's a legit copy.