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  1. So i watched this video from buildzoid where he says that an overclocked 3600 will preform just as much as a 3900x in gaming, is that true in anyway or form? it's kind of confusing to me since i didn't know someone can overclock the 3600 to the point where it levels with the 3900x
  2. yeah none of that i made sure no leak was there and there is none ,just a side question where is the water stored in the AIO? this is my first AIO so i am pretty newbish
  3. there is a small hole that formed because the fin to the right from behind is also bent but thats it
  4. yeah the way it looks is a bit irritating lol
  5. so I just partially put together my pc and the radiator of my h100i RGB platinium has like a small bent fin, its barely noticeable but i am a little worried will this cause any issues? no other problems right now just the bent small fin thing
  6. oh that's surprising why would they say that then?
  7. so i have this psu and i have all the parts for my build excluding the rx 5700 xt red devil that is on its way, and the ryzen 7 3700x, i am just worried will this psu be able to handle all of this? since the red devil website says 700w psu is needed i only have my 650w psu
  8. Thanks for the help and everything everyone
  9. Just figured it out It was set to no fan noise mode which turns them off I think? Explains why they were spinning only 5% of the time I can finally say it’s solved now idling at 48c
  10. Yeah the paste is a bit off lol but I am idling at 60c so I’m gonna take @Skiiwee29 suggestion and see if it helps
  11. Tell me about it, all I’ve heard from tech reviewers were good things about this case but after actually owning it I’m seeing why some people are hating it and unfortunately I’ll have to stick with it, the AIO installation was horrible btw
  12. So I should flip it? So the tubes go from under not top?
  13. So it should be ok AIO wise right? I gotta be honest this case was hard to work with in putting the AIO but at least my temps are better after the repaste so I guess problem solved
  14. Yes done all that and still had some problem and hitting 85-88c on idle temps before I did the repaste it’s now at 60c idle and 76c at full load I am wondering why the original AIO paste was so bad?
  15. So i got this AIO yesterday and it looks like this, also the fans are placed as intake since i have two exhaust fans in the back in my h500i case, is my radiator placement fine? Or did i place it wrong? Also will this help me do a comfortable OC on my ryzen 7 2700x? it's been running a bit too hot lately (took out the block for repaste don't mind it)