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    ryzen 7 1700 overclocked 3.9 ghz
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    Asus b350 prime plus
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    8gb crucial ddr4 2133mhz UDIMM
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    Gigabyte g1 gaming gtx 1050 ti
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    Nzxt s340 elite (red n black)
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    1TB WD hard drive 7200rpm
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    CORSAIR CX430 430w psu
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    Stock cpu cooling, 4 case fans
  • Keyboard
    Corsair k55 rgb
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    Corsair m65 pro RGB
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    Corsair void pro RGB wireless
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    Windows 10 pro 64bit

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  1. So I’m trying to upgrade my Corsair cx430 to a good 650w power supply, I do overclock my ryzen 7 1700 a bit so I need a good psu for overclocking and is the coolermaster v650 semi modular any good?, anyways I need a good 650w psu that’s 80 dollars max (my full specs are in my profile)
  2. So I need a ram upgrade and I found this amazing deal for 16gb ddr4 2666mhz ram that has LEDS, are they compatible with my ryzen 7 1700 and my asus b350 prime plus (bios updated) ? The ram is 473 dirhams which equals to about $120
  3. Oh no

    Like you said the ram was the problem, it’s all fixed now
  4. Oh no

    Changed the place of the gpu, the gpu fans turned on but no signal
  5. Oh no

    Nope still doesn’t work
  6. Oh no

    Yes the hdmi is plugged into my monitor, I’ll try the swapping thing
  7. Oh no

    Y s it is the 6pin
  8. Oh no

    I’ll give it another 20 minutes to make sure, and my mobo is the asus prime b350 plus
  9. Oh no

    5-10 minutes and still no signal
  10. Oh no

    The hdmi is plugged into my gtx 1050 ti, the Pc turns on but with no signal, I don’t know the problem but I’m suspecting the hd audio cable or the power sw, led - and led + cables
  11. Oh no

    It turns on and lights up but no signal
  12. Oh no

    So I recently switched my pc from Intel to amd ryzen 7 1700, and after installing it with the new mobo and connecting the cables, the Pc would say no signal although the hdmi is connected to my gpu
  13. Upgrade frustration

    I checked and I can just delete the old mobo and Intel drivers and I should be good, and btw when you mean fresh install of windows, you mean I have to reset the whole Pc right?
  14. Upgrade frustration

    So I changed my old Intel mobo with a ryzen b350 one, and I have no idea how to uninstall the old Intel, mobo drivers, any help
  15. Ryzen

    So I need to upgrade my gpu as well I’m guessing, but to what gpu exactly? Or should I just change the processor to a r5 1600