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    Waiting for Button to rejoin F1
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    Cars, Planes,Guns and of course computers!!!
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    Pilot for Turkish Airlines


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    Intel I7-3770
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    Pegatron 2AD5
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    16GB Kingston HyperX FURY
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    MSI Radeon RX 550 Aero ITX
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    its a generic HP case
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    Western Digital Blue 1TB HDD 7200RPM
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    Delco 500W
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    LG 24MP56
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    1x Case Fan, Intel Stock Cooler
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    Corsair K30
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    Windows 7 Ultimate
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  1. weed

    Logitech G920

    Hello homo sapiens Does anybody here have a Logitech G920 how is the wheel like on xbox and PC?
  2. Does anybody here have the Logitech G920? if so, how is it on the Xbox one especially is F1 2017, Forza 6/7, Project CARS 1/2, and DiRT Rally? and in PC how is it in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator?
  3. @Senzelian @_SAITAMA_ @themctipers thank you guys.
  4. Will a hyper 212 evo work on a manufacturer LGA 1155 motherboard?
  5. @emosun i dont have time to deal with you im too busy actually helping people not acting like im the best.
  6. Says the person with anime as his profile video, and whats wrong with that name? pretty sure a 4th grader wont know about weed, i've seen crazier names for people much bigger than me. Next time you watch a cartoon tell me if it has any weed in it.
  7. I know its to do with usage, if you would've read my text properly you would have noticed i said "capped at certain usage levels" and your telling me im the 4th grader? oh and try playing a game where a normal 1050ti gets 60 fps on ultra settings with a normal cpu, then try it out with a 486. Oh and i tried to be respectful to you by not saying any dumb shit, turns out you dont know how to respect your dad.
  8. @emosun and besides he didnt say anything, all he asked is will it bottleneck and everyone said yes, tell me 1 application where it wont bottleneck.
  9. A person with a smear of logic would immedietly notice that the build will suck in everything, say if he was asking 1050Ti with a ryzen 5 or i5 then i would ask him, but an Athlon paired with a 1050Ti for gaming, thats a big no, sadly it looks like your grasping power is not that good.
  10. Nothing to do with bottlenecks?! the GPU is getting capped at a certain amount of usage because of the CPU aka bottle necking the GPU and reducing its performance.
  11. If your trying to refer to me or @tp95112 i hope you know that a 1050 ti with an AMD Athlon X4 680K is going to suck in everything.
  12. Even an I3 would bottleneck hugely, you need atleast an i5 6500, and RAM is just fine.
  13. You can put it back but im personally leaning towards dying ssd, for how long have you had it cause if i were you i would back up my stuff, use crystal disk info and tbh 19 seconds isnt that long.
  14. Excuse my retardation but i thought X370 is intel so why you saying get a 1700,
  15. Ok, my friend is actually watching the post if you want to direct any quesitons to him ( @HairyPotter ), i dont think the i7 is a good idea unless if there is any pricing information.