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  1. All the G-sync 1440p 144hz monitors use the same AU optronics panel, so you probably wont see much difference in panel quality. The Acer XB271HU uses a borderless version of the panel but otherwise it's the same. So I would go with whatever has a good price and/or is a brand you trust. I've seeen a LOT of people complain over the Asus PG279Q(backlight bleed), but the problems are present in all brands. I have a AOC Agon AG271QG and I'm very happy with it. Regarding quantum dot I cannot help you.
  2. You will probably be fine at 4.8 GHz with those coolers. You might even be able to go higher, but as mentioned earlier it's hard to say.
  3. According to this compatability list from EK it seems the same block fits on both the Gaming X 1070 and Armor OC 1080: https://www.ekwb.com/configurator/waterblock/3831109831564 That would suggest that you can do what you're suggesting.
  4. Well seems that I was wrong Looks like none of them use the reference PCB. But I agree that they look very similar. It's hard to be sure without measuring anything though. I feel like the GPU chip looks kinda bigger on the gaming X, which it probably isnt, but the visual effect might be caused by some proportions not being the same. If you're not intimidated by the task I would probably just try to do it and see if it fits
  5. I think the Gaming X is a custom PCB whereas the Armor card uses the reference PCB. I would defintely research this before attempting it if I were you.
  6. Well at least you're honest about it
  7. It depends on the game. You will probably be able to run CS:GO and Overwatch(with slightly lower settings) at 1440p/144hz but something like The Witcher 3 only gets around 60fps with a 1070 at 1440p/Ultra Gsync will eliminate tearing, which is the issue you'd otherwise have As mentioned, Gsyncs main point is to eliminate tearing without having to enable vsync(and thereby limiting your FPS and introducing input lag). I think 1440p is kinda overkill for 24". It's very subjective though so you might not agree. IPS definitely has better colors and the colors will not distort based on your viewing angle. That said, I've heard lots of good things about the Dell TN panels. There are some 1440p/144hz Gsync monitors(I have one), but those I know are 27" and are kinda expensive(~600$-700$+).
  8. Holy shit, you're right. Those are some really high prices.
  9. The Strix cooler for this generation of nvidia cards seem to perform really well. For 3.50 € I'd defintely go with that one.
  10. I don't think this is entirely accurate. The 1070 is performing as good, or better, than a 980 ti. And there's nothing in the Maxwell architecture that can match a 1080 in performance.
  11. Overwatch has a display-based fps cap at default. So assuming you have a 60hz display it'll cap fps at 70. You have to manually go into the graphics settings to change this limit.
  12. I have to ask: Why though? I can't really see how this ever would be practical
  13. Well I agree. But I'm getting the impression that if the CPU is a 7700k, the CPU itself matters a bit more than if you have 6800K for instance. It might just be because it runs so damn hot in the first place. I have no hard evidence for this though.
  14. Admittedly, my research is anecdotal but I have seen people getting very different temp out of the 7700k while running similar voltages and cooling solutions. I am not even the first one to suggest that the amount of paste and distance between IHS and die, might be slightly different between individual chips and be influencing cooling performance. For instance, I'm putting around 1.3v in the 7700k to ahieve 5.0Ghz, and getting the aforementioned 85C. I have seen plenty of people getting similar temperatures with a custom loop as mine, and I have seen plenty of people getting better temps with an inferior cooling solutions. There are of course a ton of variables that I cannot know about when looking at these results, so every conclusion should be taken with a grain of salt. My main point is this though: You cannot be sure that you will get better cooling performance on the 7700k with a beefier cooling solution. But you might.
  15. I can get 5ghz on my 7700k, but it get uncorfortably hot(85C) even with a EK Supremacy EVO... IMO you're likely to be limited by the TIM lottery(its actually a thing with the 7700k) than you are going to be limited your cooler. Of course, if you plan on delidding then you should probably be getting a pretty beefy cooler. I would suggest one of the high end dual tower air coolers(Noctua NH-15, Cryorig R1 etc.) or a 240mm+ AIO.