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  1. Credit to WCCF Tech and Tweek Town. Hope this helps. I think you should be fine.
  2. remove the gpu if your build has integrated graphics and plug into that and see if it boots after a cleaning.
  3. So CEX brought a ton of new things that are enticing, especially when looking at AMD. I'm sure all these new innovations will be great for the end user but is it necessary? Will I be left in the dust with my current system or do I start the preparation of a new build? I am what Linus would call a mild power user, generic gamer, pc enthusiast. I care about the components that are in the system and can rattle of any spec and compare benchmarks all day. I want the best of the best that is essential to my needs. I guess what I'm trying to say is; If there is a top tier SKU of a component that would be what I need for my usage, I'd want that one and not a basic model. I care about aesthetics but prefer simplicity in design. But most of all I care about user ability to tweek settings and gain performance. All of this has led me to my current build. I7-4790k delidded&lapped w/liquid metal - OC@4.8 on EKWB supremacy evo Corsair Dominator Platz ddr3 XMP enabled @2446mhz cas11 Asus TUFF Gryphon motherboard w/Thermal armor Nvidia GTX Titan Black 6gb on XSPC 780ti waterblock (OC@+225-+575) PNY Xlr8 240gb ssd (boot drive) Samsung 860 evo 500gb ssd (gaming drive) WD Green 1.5tb HDD (mass storage) D5 pump stand alone XSPC horizontal reservoir XSPC 360 radiator Corsair AF120 Quiet Edition Fans Cable mod cables 37 inch 1080p 144hz monitor (looking for a 1440p of same size and hz) I do not edit videos or pictures. I play Bethesda games, Isometric rpg's, lil bit of gta, eso. Looking forward to games like cyberpunk, starfield, es6, watchdogs legion.. I use my rig as a youtube machine, for university, light CAD design, and gaming. I did absolutely everything possible on the platform I am on to future proof my rig and am wondering if users similar to myself see the need to upgrade. I doubt i'll see much for degradation in gaming given the titles I play for a bit yet, and could always upgrade GPU's when I do without bottlenecking. That being said with the spectre and meltdown issues affecting performance as much as 30% in some cases.... It has me questioning things. Do a simple gpu upgrade when performance takes a hit in gaming or just start on a new platform altogether? Idk how much the new features will affect my daily use so I might be a bit naive in thinking it wont affect much, maybe some FPS. idk help me out here!
  4. Jourdan Roedel


  5. so i went into the bios and seen that the cpu multiplier was set to auto as well as the cpu smart control. I disabled the smart control and set the multiplier to 14x. Seems to have solved my downclocking issue.
  6. So I hate to re-open this thread after seemingly being solved... But the amd cool-n-quiet is disabled yet my multiplier goes from 14x to 4x.... Its now affecting performance of everything i do..
  7. So I recently came home to see my cpu frequency @ 980mhz on msi command center. I freaked out because my frequency is normally at 3.8 mhz constant WITH oc genie enabled. My guess is that my computer restarted and let oc genie enable its self overclock.... BUT why is it underclocked below stock mhz??? Is it a form of "turbo boost" or some other amd technology? Itll boost back up to 3.43 mhz when under load but during idle it sits at 980 mhz. Weird.