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  1. Yeah I have been reading alot about those issues, but I have also heard that those were the first units ? Its a bit scary paying 1.5K and having a fauly device.
  2. I am not personally inclined for the ultra wide really, it just i saw the g9 and it ticked all the boxes really The real estate from a 42" or 46" tv is enough for me really. I am going check the c9 tv and see what is available. Thanks for the reply!
  3. Hey, Long time lurker decided to try my luck, I am currently doing some research on what to buy as my next monitor for my setup. Currently my favorite so far is G9 Odyssey, the only thing that I am not 100% happy with is the vertical resolution, My ideal screen (monitor or tv) would be something like this: 140hz -244hz (The more the better but I don't really care about having the highest refresh rate) 4K over 42" with HDR10 or HDR10+ support, Freesync / Gsync would be a bonus but its not a deal breaker. Color accuracy would be nice to have, but I dont do anything that requires a high color accuracy. I game a bit, but mostly I do software development quite a lot, so Real Estate specially vertical one. My current display is at 125% scaling so you can see why I find the g9 lacking on that regard. I current own a old( 6 years) LG 4k tv that does 4k@60fps at 42" but the quality is lacking since its not native 4k. Price range something in the way of the g9, so around 1500 being my top price range. (I am currently on UK, if that makes a difference), its not fixed price, but I am not interested in going on the High Range prices or super highend tvs. I have been looking at Samsung TVs too, but I don't care for the tv aspect of it since it will 99% of the time be used as computer display. I don`t care about extra features as OS, Dolby, audio quality (have an external system) etc... The Panel, size, refresh rate , hdr support are my main concerns Do you have any suggestions on anything that fits those criteria ? Thank you very much !
  4. Yeah, that's the thing, the i5 has been working pretty much fine, and its not bad per se, I am just really checking to see if the upgrade would really improve on a noticeable scale on those use cases. I do pin my cpu at 100% while developing/compiling, which is not a bad thing, but its noticeable for a few mins. One thing that does come to mind, is Light Baking in Unreal/Unity3d, which would greatly improve due to the more cores, but this is a secondary workflow, so not a major deal.
  5. Heya fellows, I need some insight on whether is worth upgrading my I5 (currently at 4.2ghz) to a ryzen 1700 now. (yeah I know a 8700k just came out, but I am not sure if the 100$ extra are worth the price, or maybe go with a cheaper 1700 and upgrade next year again?) I do game a bit, not hardcore gamer, and I use my desktop mostly for development (web, windows, etc). The core/thread count is the main thing I was looking at, I didn't upgrade once they came out because I am not sure I felt the need to upgrade, but most recently on a larger project I have been feeling that perhaps the core/threads would really help me with my compile times and development performance as whole. I am mostly looking on opinions on developers, that have upgraded and if it was worth the upgrade. The software I am most interested in is mostly NodeJS (Webpack,React,... etc, the full deal basically) , Visual Studio (C# mostly), with Unity3d as hobby. If you have any feedback I would like to know. Thank you. P.S I do intend to OC the Ryzen cpu when upgrading.
  6. Username : Morphexe Video 1 : https://www.vessel.com/videos/HDN7G5UMs Video 2 : https://www.vessel.com/videos/fuPdK5xgs
  7. Yeah, my main concern is, I obviously need a new Rig, but I was hoping to keep my self current, and be changing hardware everyfew months, so I don't have to invest a large sum all over again, so was worried that I would lose the upgrade ability if I don't go right now with the flow, but I guess as you said, that will be bleeding edge, and I rather pay later when the prices drop for the new processors, ram whatever.
  8. Its not just for gaming, but it will be used for it. The Rig you said is pretty much what I thinking in buying, instead I was thinking in goign with a Radeon 290 DCU II.
  9. I have the laptop to use , although can't game at all (610M nvidia), I guess I going to buy the pc now, and if it worth I will just sell it and buy the new stuff if its really worth it. (my 1500$ cap is a mental cap, if it was worth it I would gladly go with a 2K++ system) But I dont see major performance increase with paying double my current budget. Devil Canyon seem to be coming June 2, so I can wait for that with no issues.
  10. the title says it all, I am thinking in mounting a new rig (budget at around 1.5K) and reading across this seems to be quite close time frame for haswell-e. I was going to buy the parts by the end of the month , but if its worth waiting I might? Are there any ETA for these techs? I have read all kind of stuff, late 2014, June 2014, Late 2015 etc... So is it worth waiting? P.S : I am currently stuck on a crappy laptop, thats why I was going to buy the rig.
  11. Yeah the first two are not obligatory but they helped in battery specs, also I use Lux lite Dash - This had major impact on my battery life. Others that use are Boomerang (email app), facebook messenger and skype, Rocket Player for audio and torch for a flashlight.
  12. As this good folks said, you will generally get better deals by building them from scracth. Just ask for help on a build, there are great fellows here that have vast experience and knowledge on this, and can help you build the perfect rig for you and your wife
  13. I have the same phone. I used Purity Rom Franko Kernel For apps: SMS Textra (I really like this) I also Use the Nova Launcher to replace the Default Launcher app this is a matter of personal preference.
  14. I like big cases, I was looking at the shinobi XL, but it seems to lack the good construction of corsair for example. I want a case that has space for cable management and to had water cooling / more fans and the 750D seemed to be that plus more. If you know of a case cheaper or around that case that looks solid with those characteristics I would love to see them. Thanks for all you input. Keep them coming
  15. Wow thats one sexy build, and since I don't need the 1TB HD ( I have a few around ) its even cheaper than I was expecting , although I don't actually like that case, but its a matter of personal opinion. I was inclined to the 900D but thats just a overkill , I won't probably need that case at all, and I would be wasting money that could be used somewhere else, you did forget the CPU cooler, but since I already have windows the price wouldnt probably change at all. The rest of you thanks for the input. I changed the PSU for the 650W since 750w might be a bit too much I think. Any more sugestions?