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    Intel Core i5-4670k @ 4.3GHz
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    Asus RoG Maximus VI Formula
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3
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    Some Sharkoon case that was free...
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  1. I was considering this for my Maximus VI Formula, but never actually went ahead with it... As far as I'd read, others had got it working on the Asus boards using a BIOS mod that took the functionality from the Maximus VII BIOS... Let me know how far you get with it
  2. There is a version of Minecraft that runs natively on pi, but iirc its based on mobile...
  3. It looks as though you may be correct - sorry about that ...
  4. It could also be worth looking into the ELM327 IC which is designed for reading the OBD interface: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ELM327
  5. My best advice to you is read/work through this guide and see how far you get. I have set Retropie up quite a few times, and it's really simple to do Once you have that working on an RPi plugged in to a TV/monitor, then you can have a look at how to make it fit the form factor that you are wanting - this is where the forum linked above, or one of the many results for the google search of "raspberry pi gameboy" will help. Any specific struggles, shout on here and I'll help you where I can. mods: if anything in this post violates rules etc. please redact...
  6. It might just be me not having knowledge on the subject, but I feel as though you need to put a bit more info in your post if you want input from others...
  7. I'm considering it as a PC for my kids to use... Or just a plaything for me, but the first reason might have more mileage with the wife...
  8. Hi Jonathan, welcome to the forum What exactly is it that you need help with? Have you already got some code that needs changing/updating/fixing? Or are you looking for someone to help you in the conception of it all?
  9. I have one 3B running PiHole, and an original B lying around gathering dust somewhere...
  10. I don't know if it was just while you were re-arranging things, but the switch on the PSU is set to 0 (i.e. off) in this picture...
  11. I suppose you could maybe connect it to a PC and use ADB to query the phone - that should show if it's booted or not...
  12. From what has been said and the issues that you're describing, I would definitely say that the voltage regulator is hooped... With you saying that it works perfectly fine when connected via the USB port to your PC (which would supply 5V and not go through the reg), it certainly points towards the regulator at least under performing...
  13. An Arduino is a programmable microcontroller on a development board, and so it's use is for electronics projects and control/automation. A Raspberry Pi is a "full-fledged" computer that runs Linux, and can be used like a normal desktop PC (obviously, it's not a high performance tool), but can also be used to interface with other electronic systems using the GPIO pins (General Purpose Input/Output) to allow for more embedded solutions and electronics projects. Have a look through the official Raspberry Pi forums for an idea of what can be done with one TL;DR You can't use an Arduino as a computer, it's a microcontroller development board.
  14. I don't think that the RPi would be suitable for this, as the encoding portion is CPU reliant and i doubt that a Pi would have enough oomph unfortunately...