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  1. I have been using my 7700k with a 1070 for 3 years now. I delided and overclocked my 7700k to 5Ghz and I wonder if this is enought for the 3080.
  2. I was browsing some of the upcoming Ampere GPUs, and I notice that some of the custom cards like the RTX 3080 from MSI and ASUS have 3 x 8 pin connectors. So I am wondering if this extra 8 pin connector would make a huge difference on the performance of the card.
  3. Search for Justin Maller, he is an amazing artist who makes cool artworks/wallpapers
  4. I would spend more money on the GPU so it keep up with the frames
  5. https://www.whirlwindfx.com//pages/about?utm_source=Twitch&utm_campaign=companion So I saw this thing on a twitch ad, and I think Linus should take a look at this. Apparently it is a wind blower that creates simulated effects in real time. It reads images on the screen and matches them to the sound files in real time. Based on those readings it will provides warm or cool air, like a fan, adding presence and depth while you game.
  6. Sorry for bad English, since the question is a little hard for me to explain. So there is a game on mobile called "Soul Knight" and it is a 2D-style roguelike shooting game, and the only way to co-op with friends in this game is to connect the same wi-fi as my friends or through hotspot sharing. So I am wondering if there a way to create a private network on Iphones for me and my friends. We both love and enjoy playing this game, but since we don't always meet in real life we wouldn't be able to play this game at home.
  7. The family is in the real world and every time when the dad start talking about the ancient Greece gods' story and myths to his children, the anime will cut in to ancient Greece and show what happened or what the dad is talking about. The only fighting scene I can remember is when Achilles fights during a battle and died because of an arrow to his heel. Edit: nvm I think I found the anime, and it is actually from Korea. It was called "Olympus Guardian".
  8. The anime that I am talking about is mostly about a dad of two kids talking and explaining ancient Greece gods to them. Is an old anime and I think the first time I watched is 8-10 years ago. Anybody got ideas what that anime could be?
  9. Shazam has an app on your phone which can identify pretty much any song in seconds.
  10. sure does, since the letters and numbers on my 4-5 years old laptop basically all fade away
  11. Just wondering, I got my financial aid few days ago and I bought a keyboard with cherry MX blue switches from WASD.