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  1. Twitter thread about it: https://twitter.com/virginmedia/status/1162756227132198914 Just thought I'd post this here for any UK people that use Virgin Media. Also a massive GDPR violation so... file complaints away?
  2. I mean title explains it. Ran out of USB resources, so I'm looking for a PCIe USB controller I can use to add more ports. My question is, would a Thunderbolt 3 AIC (such as this) have its own USB controller, to enable more devices to be plugged in, via say, a Thunderbolt 3 USB hub? Or, would I need just a whole dedicated PCIe USB card, such as this. Thanks for any advice that you can offer.
  3. Google hasn't done anything wrong here...The EU aren't going to fine Google over this. They're complying with the regulations of the US, the country they're based in. This isn't Google trying to hurt Huawei.
  4. In an update sent today to backers, the game Outer Wilds, crowdfunded on Fig, will apparently now be released first on Xbox and PC on Epic. In a campaign update, the team said As a part of the initial campaign, the plan was, which backers contributed with knowing, to release to Steam on PC, Mac, and Linux, alongside Xbox One, all at the same time. Now, support for Mac and Linux are "TBD", and the developers/publisher have not clarified if it will eventually come to Steam. Personally, this is worse than the other exclusivity deals Epic has done, as this was done for a game that was crowdfunded, before they've delivered to their backers. This means that a lot of people likely contributed who play on Mac or Linux, or don't want to use the Epic Store, and are now being told that they might get to play at a later date, but if they want to get the game on launch, it has to be on Xbox or on the Epic Store on PC. At least with other games it was before people had invested money in the game, and if they had, it was pre-orders which could be cancelled. Sources: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-05-12-outer-wilds-becomes-another-epic-games-store-pc-exclusive-and-some-backers-are-not-happy https://www.fig.co/campaigns/outer-wilds/updates/912
  5. Considering the exact phrasing was I consider it still likely that's an attempt to calm people down and then announce it in the future, but that's speculation rather than a fact. Just based on "long term plans will be announced in the future".
  6. Updated post to source it. See this statement from Epic in an article on GameInformer: https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/05/01/epic-games-acquires-rocket-league-developer-psyonix
  7. Despite all of these being good questions, none were addressed by Psyonix/Rocket League or Epic Games. So that's a "maybe they'll issue a statement, but if not, wait and see".
  8. Looks like Epic Games has chosen to acquire another launcher exclusive in the form of acquiring Psyonix, the studio notably behind "Rocket League". As such, Rocket League will no longer be available for purchase on Steam once it's available on the Epic Games Store. If you already own it on Steam you should be able to keep it on your account and continue receiving updates, but if the deal finalizes, then going forward, it will have to be purchased through the Epic Games Store for on PC. As per Rocket League's announcement, it hasn't yet fully finalized, but: EDIT: Adding this in to source it. As per GameInformer's arcticle, Epic stated to them: Sources: https://www.engadget.com/2019/05/01/epic-buys-psyonix/ https://www.rocketleague.com/news/psyonix-is-joining-the-epic-family-/ https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/05/01/epic-games-acquires-rocket-league-developer-psyonix
  9. Well, here's what I can say. From having a Galaxy S8+ (And the GS9/+ are nearly identical), its fantastic. Admittedly, I have the Exynos version and have rooted/flashed a custom ROM, but its essentially stock, just debloated a bit (Renovate ICE Rom). In my experience, although, yes, Google Apps are available on iOS for the most part, I've never had an entirely smooth experience using them. GApps on Android is Google's version of "it just works together". (Also, if you've never tried it, Try S Pay. Allows you to use contactless payments even on terminals that don't support GPay) Furthermore, if you're buying an iPhone from Apple/a Carrier, it likely won't come with a version of iOS 11 that's jailbreakable. I have a iPhone 5s running iOS 11.1.2 (I believe), which is the last jailbreakable version. Apple (just?) released iOS 11.3, which means you likely won't be able to jailbreak in the forseeable future, especially given that since iOS 9 it has become noticeably harder for people to find jailbreaks, and even then, a lot of people just disclose the vulnerabilities to Apple for money instead of building a jailbreak out of it. Personally, if you like Android's customization but dislike Samsung's bloatware, and don't want to root/lose Knox, and ergo SPay/Secure Folder, get a Pixel 2 XL. If you don't mind losing those two, and want a S9+, get a S9+ and root it & install a custom ROM to debloat it. I mean, in the end its your call. Those are just my two cents.
  10. Seems like Razer really is trying to expand their product lineup. A gaming-oriented Router, now? I'd be curious to see how much their "patented" technology actually deals with signal congestion, as according to their own page: It's a bit odd to see that, as far as I can find on the RazerZone page, they don't mention how much/if their boost technology impacts the speeds implied by their AC2400 rating. I'd love to see a LTT review/thoughts video on this. Links: Article RazerZone Page Image:
  11. Okay so I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say its probably not your CPU actually making a clicking sound because as far as I'm aware cpus dont make sounds. More likely, your CPU fan/cooler's fan is blocked by some wire, open your case when you bootup and check for anything that it might be hitting.
  12. You can try to figure it out by looking at the spacing of the slots, but I would really recommend finding the manual. And like @Moress says, anyways, that isn't a good M.2 ssd. Get a NVMe M.2 SSD if you want to see the benefits of M.2.
  13. Before looking at a M.2 drive, figure out what KEY type your motherboard's M.2 slot is. There's different types of M.2, so look at the manual or online documentation to figure it out first.
  14. I mean hey, if you wanna do some BIOS tweaking/searching online and see if you can resolve it, go for it. I just suggested Corsair because (being perfectly honest) never heard of that brand before and don't know anything about them. Best of luck to you solving it, its 4:30am here and I need to head to bed. Good luck mate. (Side note, given XMP made a difference, RAM issue? That would be extremely odd, but it's not unheard of for low/defective RAM to cause poor video framerate despite a capable GPU, but I've only ever seen that really happen with low-end hardware.)