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  1. Oh, sorry, I saw the 4770K as the highest. They weren't sorted by name . Anyway, thanks for pointing it out.
  2. Even the CPU you already have is very expensive around. And I think that, for both CPU and GPU, you should wait until they produce chips with smaller lithography or different architecture. Well, unless they get too old, of course
  3. By the way, according to MSI website your board doesn't even support the 4790K : https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z87-GD65-GAMING.html#support-cpu
  4. Oh trust me, you are fine. I am looking to get a Core 2 Quad for my PC and just got an RX460. And I think the 970 won't have any problems with 1440p either, unless you have double or triple monitors.
  5. Laptops vs [Mini-PC (with desktop CPU) + Portable Monitor + Peripherals ] combo on entry, mid-level and enthusiast (+GPU here) levels. Curious to see if the combo is practical and if the added performance is worth it.
  6. Maybe. You know what I think though ? You have quite a good PC. Save some money till next gen of Intel CPUs come out and see if there is any radical improvement. Also wait for VEGA consumer GPU to come out. Or get something better than the CPU you have but cheaper than the 4790K
  7. Click the underlined text. You could get new for 280, if they ship to Denmark. Well, you could have to pay import tax or so, not sure about that.
  8. Even that way it's expensive though. The cheapest I found on ebay is 270$, while there is this new on discount but I don't know if they ship it to Denmark.
  9. That seems a good idea, so you only have to spend on the CPU. That chip is quite expensive tbh, so you could consider used. By the way, I think your GPU is good enough.
  10. Lol What's your location ? And, for $550 it is hard to find a "gaming" laptop, but it all depends on the games you play.
  11. elis

    Weird noise

    That should be it. I put a temporary 40 GB HDD just to test different flavors of Linux and it was thinner than normally, what made it not fit properly. And yes, the term I was thinking about was "buzzing". I have another of the PSUs and just checked. It's 365 W. Guess should be enough for what I have now. Btw, do you think it will be enough to add an RX 460 ? Well, PCPP links are allowed, so here you go. That is basically the range of products that I can afford. I could also go for 128 GB, but not really into it. Well, the advice I need is regarding the different brands and longevity of each product. Performance is not much of an issue being that my PC is limited at SATA 2 speeds anyway.
  12. elis

    Weird noise

    1 - I suspect that too. 2 - I meant in general, do newer HDDs have any improvements compared to the older ones when it comes to noise ? And when it comes to the money, I don't know. Am looking at a list on PCPP. I will ask again for an opinion on which one to get, should I decide to get one. Well, it could be that second point or the fact that it's old now. Well, I may need to clean its dust. The thing though is that I did add some parts that the original office PC didn't have and those could affect the PSU performance. By the way, is there any software to find out what the power output is for the PSU ?
  13. elis

    Weird noise

    Well ... : 1 - How come the noise stops (almost) every time I touch the case ? 2 - If I bought a new HDD, have the new ones had any improvement when it comes to noise, or should I get an SSD instead ?
  14. elis

    Weird noise

    Sometimes my PC does a noise like analogue devices do when there is interference. Sometimes it stops when I touch it, change it's balance slightly or change it's direction. Any ideas ? The PSU is a crappy proprietary one by HP. There are two HDDs in right now, quite old. There is a CD/DVD drive too, which hasn't been working these last days.