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  1. The noise is driving me crazy and I want to sell it at new year season, since sales go up at that time. Also I couple of my friends have mentioned that it's way to loud and I think it might fend off potential buyers.
  2. Yeah I kinda figured it out just now, when I noticed that there was no branding on the pics and the fan appeared to be RGB.
  3. @Kanna I would normally get a CX, but it costs around 3.5x the P5 and I would like not to pay that much, for a system I'm soon going to sell.
  4. Hello guys! I had my PC for around 2 years already and I really hate the sound, which the PSU makes (It's a no-name brand chinese 450W-ish unit) and I recently saved up a bit of money to replace it. Now, in my region, PSUs are generally rare and if you get lucky and find a good one, it's overpriced, but I found a Corsair P5-550 for 20ish USD and I'm wondering if it's worth buying. Currently, I have a 3570 and a 1050 in my rig, but I'm planning to get a 570, so should I pair it with this? Corsair is a good brand and spec sheet looks good, but I couldn't find any reviews on it so that's why I came here. The link to the PSU: https://bprice.ge/zar97?_route_=zar97&tag= What do you guys think?
  5. @MkaiL nope, there isn't. The laptop has chipped edges, which indicates, that somebody must have used a screwdriver to force the back cover open. I just saw a video, in which there was an adapter like that and a mounting enclosure for the SSD, but there are no such things in the package. Should I call the seller and ask him to lower the price? He gave me 3 days to test it and I found other faults too, like a faulty battery, which seems to have lost quite large amount of it's original capacity. P.S can you tell me the name of that adapter?
  6. Hello! While opening up a laptop I found some empty space and it's about the size of an SSD (plus, it has mounting screw holes). I got excited thinking I could add more storage, but I could only find a connector, which doesn't look like a sata port. I don't have experience with laptops, so can you guys tell me what the port is for? If it's sata, how can I add an SSD? The laptop model is: Lenovo Y700 15ACZ
  7. @porina @TotallyNotGigabit Sorry guys for taking so much of your time, but I wondering if this software is accurate. After the first photo I took, the laptop, after some time, got up to 100% and the wear decreased to about 22%. I restarted it and now it's at 18.7%. edit: I installed FurMark and now it has been running for about 9 minutes 40 seconds and the battery is at 58%. I don't know what's going on at this point.
  8. @TotallyNotGigabit @porina I just checked using BatteryBar. See the results yourselves: I really am pissed. I was expecting the battery to had lost some of it's original capacity, but 53.2 goddamn percent???? I'll go return this laptop. I can't thank you guys enough for helping me out. You are awesome!
  9. @porina The laptop is used. My first thought was to blame the battery, but it held up pretty well, when playing videos. I might charge it to 100% and count how much time it takes to drain it while playing a movie or something like that. I can't think of anything else this moment and would appreciate any suggestions.
  10. @porina I tried running it at 40% and it lasted about 10-15sec tops, then I tried it at full charge and the result was same. After the laptop shuts down, it won't turn back on again. In theory this makes no sense. Let me explain: The battery is rated at 60Wh and the charger (original) it came with is rated at about 135W max; let's say under full load, the laptop needs the maximum amount of power the charger can deliver (135W), so it means that the battery should last about 26 minutes, but it doesn't even last for 15 seconds. I know that it may need more current than the battery can deliver, but I am confused why it goes flat. While drawing too much current from the batteries, they seem to output less voltage, but when disconnecting it from the load and attaching a low power load, the voltage returns to "about" the same voltage it used to be. I am really upset, because if I can't fix this, I will have to return it and find another one and finding deals as good as this is a pain. Thanks for reading my topic and trying to help.
  11. Hello! I bought a Lenovo Y700 15ACZ yesterday and brought it home to test, but today, when I launched Furmark and Unigine Heaven 4.0 at 39% battery, in 15 seconds it shut down entirely and when I connected it to the charger, it indicated 0% chagre. I tried benchmarking while plugged in and it works good. I also tried charging it to 100% and playing youtube videos for about an hour and a half and the battery held up pretty well, but I can't figure out why it doesn't run for more than 15sec while unplugged. While the laptop is tilted or upside down, there seems to be a rattling sound, as if something is in the cooling fan, so now I'm wondering if I should just return it. Do you guys know what causes this kind of behavior?
  12. @dhannemon13 I really hate when big brands use their specific connectors, to force us to buy more products from them, but this laptop is just too good for 400$. I found this charger on amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Adapter-KABCON-Gaming-Charger-Adavanced/dp/B087F4J9T6/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=200+watt+laptop+razer+charger&qid=1600099353&s=electronics&sr=1-5 Should I just get this?
  13. @Acid Panda I know that I really want to avoid spending 200$ on it when I can get an Hp 230W model for only 55$