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  1. The full terms and conditions for the subscription can be found here: Link to gopro.com Some interesting quotes: Regarding the Total camera replacement benefit by the subscription: So a camera replacement even with a subscription would be 99 USD.
  2. Yes, it sounds like you can cancel the subscription before the end of the free trial. The subscription is usually $50/year or $5/month, that's what I imagine I'd be after the trial.
  3. Summary GoPro just released their new flagship camera, the Hero 9 Black. It features a 23.6 MP sensor that's capable of recording 5K video at 30fps or 4K at 60fps. They also added a preview screen to the front (like the DJI Osmo Action), build-in mounting and a detachable lens that can be switched to an ultra-wide lens at 155° FOV or replaced upon scratching. Other features include better stabilization and Horizon leveling. The camera costs ~$ 350 USD with a one year free GoPro subscription or ~$ 450 USD without one. Quotes My thoughts While the camera looks very promising to anyone in the market for action cameras that doesn't already own a Hero 8 Black, I can not get over the huge discount given to people who choose the subscription model. It seems that anyone in the tech industry is taking notes on Adobe successfully transitioning to mainly subscription-based revenue and this is GoPros best effort. I know this literally adds value on the purchase, especially acting as an insurance, but GoPro pressuring people into the subscription by differentiating the price by $100 feels very anti-consumer. Sources GoPro Hero 9 on gopro.com GoPro Hero 9 Black review on techradar.com