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  1. tried all of this already :( starting to think their is some kind of restriction for drives cause its a prebuilt
  2. for some reason my dell prebuilt will only accept one drive it doesnt matter the drive or the sata port. it just will only see one of them in bios. any ideas on how to solve it? thanks!
  3. does it come with am4 compatibility in the box?
  4. needs to be am4 compatible or have a cheap upgrade kit that fits within the budget. thanks
  5. I know this must have been asked a thousand times but i was wondering about the best 3d printer i could get for under $1000. A large print volume would be good, but quality of print comes first. Thanks
  6. Anyone know of a good usb 3 to sata power and data adapter. most of the ones have quite a few bad reviews and i cant seem to find a good one. thanks for the help [available in the uk would be good too]
  7. i5 4690k iv got my overclock to 4.4ghz at 1.25 vcore how does that sound? thanks for any comments
  8. thanks, the black one has a large mesh front whereas the white version only has small slits around the edge of the front would this impact it much? thanks again
  9. Are the handles strong enough. I dont mind a bit of bowing but will they be strong enough to carry a system with a large gpu and cpu cooler. I would be carrying it to friends houses and such so it would be held from the handles for 30+ mins at a time (i dont drive ). thanks
  10. ahh dw i found something about it on Kingstons site "Curved edge DDR4 modules feature a curved edge to help with insertion and alleviate stress on the PCB during memory installation."
  11. i thought about that but isnt that what the hole is for? not sure why you would need 2 things to stop people putting it in the wrong slot?
  12. just realised that it is only on ddr4 aswell.
  13. How have i never noticed that on ram their is a slight increase in length on the pin bits on the bottom in the middle. Why is this? Thanks
  14. what orientation should my psu be with the white variant of this case. is there enough air flows space to face the fan away from the cpu side? Thanks