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  1. Worth noting that US listed prices usually do not include taxes, whereas UK prices do
  2. Worth noting that US listed prices usually do not include taxes, whereas UK prices do
  3. That is a very sweet deal for a 12 core processor, wow!
  4. Source: https://www.eteknix.com/amd-price-drops-its-ryzen-9-3900x-processor/ AMD have officially dropped the price of the Ryzen 9 3900X in response to the launch of the Intel 10900K. Is this enough to keep people flocking to team red? Gaming performance is certainly in the Intel camp but productivity still lies with AMD for now.
  5. Native GUI/GPU Support Coming 'This Year' For Windows Subsystem for Linux Source: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2020/05/19/wsl2_gui/ Through collaboration between Canonical and Microsoft, it looks like WSL is going to be getting a big upgrade to include native GUI and GPU support later this year. While it's been possible to get a GUI environment working for some time, this will be the first out-of-the-box support. Would you have use cases for GUI or GPU support in WSL?
  6. Currently you have to physically go into the branch to activate the card, at least the way NatWest are running it. The video suggests that there may be scope to activate it through a mobile app in the future, but I suspect the in-branch method will stay too.
  7. Original source from KitGuru. UK-based bank NatWest is trialling new debit cards with built in fingerprint readers, in order to improve payment security. Currently, in the UK, NFC payments can be made with your card under the contactless scheme for payments up to £30, without the need for any further authentication. Adding the fingerprint sensor to the card will allow users to remove that cap, effectively replacing the current chip-and-pin system. NFC payments made using Apple or Google pay are already unrestricted in many major stores. The technology has been developed by Gemalto, and is explained in their video here: All fingerprint data is stored locally on the card and is not transferred to the bank's servers. Hopefully this will improve the security of contactless payments, and I think it could be a step in pushing reluctant adopters to use it more often.
  8. I'm not sure it was intentional, because I think Microsoft knows that there are still sysadmins out there who use it responsibly when it's required. It will be an accidental security improvement for regular users who had it activated without knowing, but I don't reckon there's many of those around since it's not something you can really enable by accident! More likely to just cause minor headaches for those using it as a last resort tool!
  9. New from Microsoft: Slightly-less-functional-than-before-Windows 10 1809 (SP36)
  10. A fair point, I think most people probably go about things the same way now. I do know a fair few people though who do enable it periodically for serious troubleshooting, particularly if having issues with a specific user account.
  11. That's a user admin account. These days the default system admin account has to be enabled manually, usually for a specific purpose, hence I don't see it affecting too many people overall!
  12. Source: https://www.eteknix.com/windows-10-october-update-may-ruin-admin-account/?fbclid=IwAR1etKL1YiWwgzVF9t1hAX8TihPk27RAfPfD50NdTqACZc7lTwE1SqnbZb8 It looks like the Windows 10 October Update is not out of the woods yet with new bugs still rearing their heads. This time, it's being reported that under a specific set of conditions, the default Administrator account can end up being invalidated after upgrading from 1803 to 1809. According to the reports, originally from GHacks: The biggest thing for me on this is that Microsoft's recommended fix is that you either: Create a separate account with admin privileges BEFORE installing the update, to use going forward, or; Avoid meeting the criteria Neither of these feel like real solutions to me, and there is no advice offered for anyone who might already be in this position. I can't imagine this having too much of a drastic effect for most people, but it's just another issue to add to a long line of issues, and I'm not a big fan of Microsoft's response. Anyone here who uses the default administrator account and could be affected by this?
  13. Not sure if this sort of content (promoting a personal project) is allowed or not here, so please, let me know if not and I'll remove! Background bumpf comes first, tech stuff further down! I'm currently working on a short film project in the UK, for which I'm the post-production supervisor. Since I've used a lot of info from both LTT and the forum to make informed choices about the tech contribution to this project, I thought I'd share what we're doing so you can take a look if you're interested! Links to social/fundraising will be at the bottom. About the film: In Need Of Adventure is a ten minute short film, following the journey of David, a young man recently made unemployed, and a teddy bear which he finds on his travels. The bear has been on several adventures with previous owners, documented by a collection of photographs he keeps in his rucksack. Upon finding the bear, David decides to take him with him, and together they embark on a series of new adventures. Over time, the unlikely pair find themselves developing a strong emotional bond, so when they have to part ways in the finale it is a difficult moment for them both. The novelty of the film is that we are portraying the emotions of the bear through the musical score, with dialogue limited throughout, which we are hoping will create a wonderful film to be enjoyed by all audiences. We're currently at the pre-production phase, mostly concentrating on promotion, fundraising and logistics, while the director/scriptwriter get the final script nailed down. Current timelines put us on for principal photography in February, with a first draft complete through post-production by April/May. We're hoping to submit to film festivals later next year, and then look for some form of public release in 2020. Tech stuff: As post production supervisor, my role is where the tech-heavy stuff comes in starting with camera. I'll be working on set as a Digital Imaging Technician (DIT), which involves the footage offload/transcode/backup/colour(optional) processes. This bit's for the camera buffs. We'll be shooting using the ARRI Alexa Mini (http://www.arri.com/en/alexamini), a Super35mm cinema camera, which is widely used in Hollywood-grade features. For us this is really exciting, since it will hopefully result in a film of stunning quality. We're pairing this with the Samyang XEEN 5 Lens Kit (14mm T3.0; 24mm T1.5; 35mm T1.5; 50mm T1.5; and 85mm T1.5), which are an excellent "budget" set of quality cinema lenses. While the ARRI is capable of shooting RAW, our current plan is to shoot ProRes4444, simply to alleviate data transfer concerns. We're already fairly crushed on our post-production time allocation for the project, and the current thinking is that the additional benefits that RAW brings are outweighed by its sheer inconvenience in terms of footage management. On set, I will be using our DIT cart to offload the footage from the Alexa as we go. It's kitted out with the new MacBook Pro (I know), a 24TB G-SPEED Thunderbolt 3 Raid 5 Array, Blackmagic scopes/monitoring and a Flanders Scientific DM240 monitor, plus a handy dandy UPS. We're using 256GB CFast cards from SanDisk with the camera, which should give us about 40 minutes of footage, in ProRes 4444 at 3.2K, at a time. They're rated for 525MBps reads, and the G-SPEED in RAID 5 is expected to give us ~750MBps writes (not personally tested), which should give us an offload time of under 10 minutes. I'd love to confirm this, but the ARRIs have not yet arrived so I can't do any effective testing as of right now. Data rate calculations can be found here. Transcodes for proxies and dailies will also take place on set. I'm also going to be working with our cinematographer to produce custom LUTs, once we have the cameras available for testing. Hopefully we'll be able to use these to give a realtime preview on set, and possible even us DaVinci Resolve's live grading feature to make tweaks as we go. Post-production: In post, we'll be working primarily in Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve, with likely ProTools as our main DAW. We will be mastering for cinema, and our main distribution method will be DCP, so we'll be mixing in both stereo and 5.1 surround. I'm currently working on a DCP automation/creation tool for my dissertation and final year project at university, so hopefully I'll be in a position to use that to create a high quality DCP for delivery! Our first screening will happen a working cinema in Birmingham - it's yet to be confirmed which, but I'm gunning for the Electric (oldest working Cinema in the UK!). We have access to dedicated editing/grading/mixing suites, which all run on Mac Pro trashcans - currently not sure of the specs but I know they're 4K edit capable. I also have my own PC at home, running a 6700K and GTX1060, 32GB RAM, which I use as my workhorse and should mean we have plenty of options in case availability for the dedicated suites. That's my ramble about over! If you've had a read and are interested, please check out our social links below, and if so inclined, our IndieGogo campaign where any donations are more than appreciated! Likes, shares and follows are also massively helpful for us. If you have any questions, queries, advice, comments, or anything in between, please go ahead! I'm really excited about this project and love discussing it, and always love to hear new takes and opinions! Links: IndieGogo: https://igg.me/at/inneedofadventure/x Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inneedofadventure/ Instagram: @inneedofadventure_