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  1. how do i update the system to let it no i actually have much more extra space
  2. i cloned my 500 gb hard drive onto a terabyte hard drive but when i go into storage it still says i have a 500 gbs, is this an issue?
  3. ok basically im gonna buy a second copy of windows and install it i on one of the discs so im not stealing anything, but if i clone the hard drive and install all the drivers on the second copy, it should basically be the same computer just on a diffrent setup, right, any way i have to go so it will be awhile before i can reply.
  4. also am i gonna have to get anything on the second cloned hard drive so that it will boot
  5. so if i use this docking station to clone one hard drive, then take it over to another computer i can use the same data on both correct? except for the paid for stuff
  6. im not coppying that part i just need the rest of my shit
  7. no im runing a free os on one and im gonna have to buy a new os
  8. how do i fresh install, look all im trying to do is have the same data on a diffrent disk and have it run
  9. i want to clone my hard drive because me and my parents bothe need a working copy, so i found something online but im not sure if this si the right tool, its on amazon, im asking anyone whos used a station like this if this works. https://www.amazon.com/Inateck-Dual-Bay-Function-Tool-Free-FD2002/dp/B00N1KXE9K/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1500738907&sr=1-1&keywords=clone+hard+drivedo i need othere soft ware to clone a hard drive or can i just put it in
  10. so i watched this video, and i guess the only option is to clone, is there something i need to do this other than software?
  11. i believe that one of my computers has windows installed on a difrent drive
  12. What can i do with cloned that i cant just restore a backup for
  13. i just backed up my old, tiny hard drive to an external hard drive and i would like to pott that stuff on a new hard drive but the new hard drive is empty so i cant bott anything up, how do i get this to work?