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    Building and tinkering with computers


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    Intel Core i7 3770
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    16gb DDR3
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    GTX 1050 Ti
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    2TB HDD
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    Hp 23es and $100 1080p monitor
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    Korsair STRAFE
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    Logitech G300s
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    Logitech Z313 (x2)
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    Windows 10

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  1. JDK319

    What is better?

    RDR 2 Is a must have
  2. My website (https://www.jdk319.com) is a site made with blogger and after a few weeks, I noticed people had to completely disable adblock to even view my website. Is there any way I can fix this? Let me know if you need some code.
  3. I'd get a 1080 and maybe upgrade your HDD and add in an SSD for fast boot times
  4. JDK319

    Android and now Apple app!

    I have a Windows 10 PC with Android studio. I made/published an app that is just a full-screen WebView of my website. I need help converting it into an iOS app. Any ideas on how I do that?
  5. I want to program a game to look old and the best way for me is to get Unreal Engine 2. Any way I can get this?
  6. I want to program a game to look old and the best way for me is to get UE2. Any way I can get this?
  7. JDK319

    What should I upgrade?

    You should add more RAM (16-32 should be good) also switch to SSD
  8. JDK319

    s8+ or s9+

    Sounds good! Thanks
  9. JDK319

    s8+ or s9+

    I want to get a new galaxy phone but I don't know if I should use the extra money to buy an s9+. Is there enough benefits to fill the price gap or should I just get the s8+?
  10. JDK319

    Volume Problem on AV Receiver

    I have the Onkyo TX-NR609 AV Receiver and it is set to HDMI audio passthrough (so audio goes thru TV speakers) but I cannot use the volume knob, Is there a fix for this?
  11. JDK319

    PS4 Controller issue...

    I would, but I'm looking for an easy extender to buy
  12. JDK319

    PS4 Controller issue...

    I have a PS4 that I want to connect to my AV receiver which is connected to my TV for surround sound. But, the AV reciever is in another room and my PS4 controller gets buggy when it's that far away. Is there any way I can fix this? Like an extender of some sort?
  13. JDK319

    Power usage

    I believe there is power consumption, but if there is, there wouldn't be much.