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Skanky Sylveon

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    Fucking Dr. Eggman's wife.


  • CPU
    Threadripper 1920x
  • Motherboard
    ASRock X399 Taichi
  • RAM
    32 GB Gskill Flare X 3200
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 1080
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    Fractal Design meshify s2
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    Samsung 960 evo 250 GB
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    EVGA P2 850w
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    Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3

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    I would say to not try this at home, but I'm currently at my home.

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    2. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon

      @ARikozuM I'm trying not to get shocked thank you very much. 

    3. ARikozuM


      That's part of the fun! 


      Unless you're not getting the [whatever it is]'s consent... How could you?


    4. _StrikE_


      Ah it reminds me when in 4th or 5th grade i learned at school that if electricity runs through a metal it becomes a magnet, so what did i do ? Stick/tie two coper wires to screw and shove it in an outlet, luckly i used two pieces of lego to hold the screw, even so, the outlet exploded sending me unconscious and all the fuses exploded as well, unfortunately i didn't get my screw magnet, its a regret i still have to this day 😪.