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    Fucking Dr. Eggman's wife.

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  1. 20190521_140024.thumb.jpg.610f28a33b38dcc73b26989ac8c21472.jpg


    More gutted batteries. 



    Interesting colors here.


    I tested the voltage, and some read as low as 2.4v, while some read as high as 2.7v.

    They were clearly not fully charged, but what I found interesting was the diffrent voltage readings. 

    These were all in a laptop, so they should all largely be the same voltage ununless B grade stock was used (B grade batteries aren't consistent with their amount of voltage per charge level, nor are they constant with their watt hours).


    While this may seem egregious, these were in a 350 dollar laptop, so budget cuts like this should be expected. 

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    2. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon

      @CUDAcores89 I'm aware of that.

      These should be fine, just lower quality. 


      I have like 15 batteries from gutting electronics. 

      I should just accept old broken laptops for free and get a shiton more.

    3. ARikozuM


      [pretending] What he said. 

    4. CircleTech


      @Skanky Sylveon I mean in my part of town I have to PAY people for their broken electronics so you are already in a better spot than me.

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