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  1. Screenshot_20190215-142116_YouTube.thumb.jpg.4262efd91ce50682b288bfd8d8885431.jpg





    Interesting, let's first say that the RTX differences seem most noticable in outside environments during the day, which makes sense since RTX benefits from bounce lighting the most when it comes to diffuse lighting. 


    A few interesting things to note, RTX seems to help with making the shadows fit the lighting a bit better, as seen on the guy with the armor's face.

    It's also true that the snow is reflecting so much diffuse lighting that it's dying armor man's armor blue.


    As far as the women, partsof her own outfit is casting shadows on her, this has many implications, the most notable is that bumpmaps may look out of place with RTRT because bumpmaps, while very efficient, don't cast any shadows. 


    That would mean that extra geometry would be needed instead, which would require more computational power. 


    All in all, if RTRT becomes a thing, games will need to be built from the ground up in mind for this new technology if it is to be impressive. 


    The darker scenes are evidence that RTRT was just tacked on in this game.


    Also, keep in mind that this game doesn't seem to take advantage of ray traced specular reflections.