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    Video games, technology, cats.


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    Threadripper 1920x
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    ASRock X399 Taichi
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    Gskill 3200
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    EVGA GTX 1080
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    beQuiet dark base pro 900
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    Samsung 960 evo 250 GB
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    EVGA P2 850w
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    Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3

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  1. I just saw an AD about a tv show that wipl pay off college students student loans if they do as they say in a tv show. 


    It fucking disgusted me.

    "We will pay off all of your student debt if you do reckless things like getting rid of all your belongings just to see how badly you want to grt it payed off, and if you refuse any of our challenges, well, you don't want your debt payed off bad enough"


    It also seems like only the winner of the challenge (multiple people competing style) will get their student loans paid off.


    It's fucked up.

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    2. Windows7ge


      Rossiya – svyashchennaya nasha derzhava,
      Rossiya – lyubimaya nasha strana.
      Moguchaya volya, velikaya slava –
      Tvoio dostoyanye na vse vremena!

      Slav'sya, Otechestvo nashe svobodnoye,
      Bratskih narodov soyuz vekovoi,
      Predkami dannaya mudrost' narodnaya!
      Slav'sya, strana! My gordimsya toboi!
      Ot yuzhnyh morei do polyarnogo kraya
      Raskinulis' nashi lesa i polya.
      Odna ty na svete! Odna ty takaya –
      Khranimaya Bogom rodnaya zemlya!

      Shirokii prostor dlya mechty i dlya zhizni.
      Gryadushchiye nam otkryvayut goda.
      Nam silu daiot nasha vernost' Otchizne.
      Tak bylo, tak yest' i tak budet vsegda!

    3. Skanky Sylveon
    4. Jtalk4456


      are you referring to the sketch on comedy humor? if so it's a sketch, i don't care. As a tv show doing that to strangers I would be upset