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  1. So I just measured the width of the closet. 



    Turns out that it will just fit a server rack.

    However, there would be absolutely no space for me to get behind and do cable work and whatnot.  No seriously, I have less then an inch. 


    It's also true that if I wanted particularly deep enclosures that I would run into some further space limitations. 


    So further planning is needed.  I could perhaps have the rack on casters and move it forward whenever I needed to work in the back.


    Can comfirm that my mom saw this video. 

    Can comfirm that she stopped sharing my account with her friends. 

    Can comfirm that one of her friends thinks that i'm a degenerate now.

    Can comfirm that said person is no longer friends with my mom.

    My face the entire time. 



    I fucking warned her man, I fucking warned her and asked her to stop sharing my channel to her friends. 

    "Oh, so I should be ashamed of my son?"


    1. _StrikE_


      My mom keeps away from my online life, and i don't blame her. Then again just like  me (or even more so) she just mostly uses youtube due to its entertainment value and doesn't get involved in sharing with friends nor does she use social networks.

    2. ARikozuM


      Don't worry. I'm here for you.






    That is literally my biggest question from that entire animation. 

    I can't find anything that's more concerning, nope, not a single thing. 

    1. Schnoz


      Well, the inside of Inklings' mouths are the color of their ink.



    Someone spent several hours making this.

    Just keep that in mind. 

    1. VegetableStu


      and there goes my suggestions feed ,_,

    2. _StrikE_


      Well at least the first 16 seconds where worth it.


    We have failed as a species. 

    1. _StrikE_


      Took you long enough to realize :p.

  6. 20190524_000634.thumb.jpg.10c2d6c2c2c44f28f284aad73f102908.jpg


    "There can only bo one!"

  7. I made Hawaiian style bbq stake for my faimly. 



    Real sweet, slightly spicy. 

    It's a bit rare in the middle, but the steaks that my mom got was fucking THICC.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. VegetableStu


      "hmm this tastes sharp"

      "OH CRAP"

    3. TopHatProductions115
    4. Schnoz


      I prefer medium but those look delicious.

      did you drop a knife in


    My mom also thinks that me having 7+ inch hands also doesn't help.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Skanky Sylveon
    3. Cyberspirit


      @Skanky Sylveon



      That's how I do it.

    4. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon

      @Cyberspirit Damn your hands are white as fuck. 

      I want them!


    I would say to not try this at home, but I'm currently at my home.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon

      @ARikozuM I'm trying not to get shocked thank you very much. 

    3. ARikozuM


      That's part of the fun! 


      Unless you're not getting the [whatever it is]'s consent... How could you?


    4. _StrikE_


      Ah it reminds me when in 4th or 5th grade i learned at school that if electricity runs through a metal it becomes a magnet, so what did i do ? Stick/tie two coper wires to screw and shove it in an outlet, luckly i used two pieces of lego to hold the screw, even so, the outlet exploded sending me unconscious and all the fuses exploded as well, unfortunately i didn't get my screw magnet, its a regret i still have to this day 😪.



    1. ARikozuM






      Would you like to go bowling?


  11. Me and my mom shared an artichoke that we cooked. 



    The cats seem to like it as well, I looked up to see if it was safe for cats.  It can give them the shits and is rather carb heavy for cats, but a little bit shouldn't hurt. 


    1. imreloadin


      why the hell is the top light yellow? Isn't it supposed to go red, yellow, green from top to bottom?

    2. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon

      @imreloadin This?



      Looks like the right color to me.

      Older traffic lights had a white light with a red tint, so that would explain the orangeish color. 

    3. imreloadin


      That must be it, looked super yellow to me for some reason in the video lol

      Guess I'm just too used to LED traffic lights now a days.


    I think that I will stop breathing air after this review. 

    1. ARikozuM


      I'm pretty sure people have been reviewing LA's air quality for the past decade or two or 20. 

  14. Screenshot_20190523-051430_YouTube.jpg.7e1532134526ab0a9486e6bb3af0718c.jpg


    I just saw literal gay furry porn on YouTube being censored by someone beatboxing the tetris theme.


    Why was I reccomend this?


    Ok, this guy is fucking funny. 


    Somewhere, this is someone's fetish. 

  17. So Uno is just like Yugioh?


    1. Cyberspirit


      It's 1 am and I'm about to go to sleep but, there was an actual UNO anime. 

      Here's what it looked like: 

      I'm way too tired look for its name, sorry. 

  18. Now these fourms are going to be retarded. 



    Better to just waste a status update then to have something dumb pop up when I'm being serious. 

  19. Screenshot_20190523-151909_YouTube.jpg.d4e3ee0f29ff686ead922f5074110782.jpg


    I have problems. 

    My phone is retarded. 



  20. PlagueOfGripes is essentially a more cynical, furry Bob Ross.

    I am 100% ok with that.

    1. Java


      Wow that guy's crazy talented.

    2. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon

      @Java I would have imagined that you knew about him actually. 

  21. Screenshot_20190523-051123_YouTube.jpg.25280029665ba2e6333bc2aaf0adda28.jpg


    There is a point where one needs to stop. 

    I've clearly passed it.

    1. ARikozuM


      Something something Sakuya

  22. I say some stupid things in Spanish. 

    Google asks me if I want to translate my profile page on these fourms. 


    I am now getting recommendations for Spanish dubbed transformers clips on YouTube. 


    I only have myself to blame. 


    Oh, also, I could be wrong but im pretty sure that chatarra tu abuela means "scrap your grandmother".  So Mexican Megatron is a fucking savage.

    1. _StrikE_


      Omg my sides hurt, that poor acting, that Spanish, this is an atrocious dub that its so bad its good, it turned into a comedy, i might die of laughing if i wasn't already undead.


    @WereCat @_StrikE_ Ok, which one of you two is responsible for lewding the loli vampire?

    1. WereCat
    2. _StrikE_


      Well my motto is that if it exists it can be lewd...

    3. TopHatProductions115


      @_StrikE_ Unded lewder found...

  24. Car4eg5pture.PNG.f9dc3cefa51c1e9f0e7530c84e72f37b.PNG




    Alright, I'm mostly done with the overall design.

    The colors should look somewhat similer.  The black will be harder more temperature resistant ABS while the blue will be softer more flexible PETG.

    I took where I wanted each material the most in mind as well.  Mostly a PETG inner frame, and an ABS outer shell.


    New megaman boss?