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  1. Hello, it has been a while.

    Unfortunately for those who have missed me, this will be my last status update.


    I would go into the details of this decision, because I feel that you all deserve to know, but discussing it would violate this forum's community guidelines.

    All you have to know is that I've moved on to different communities, communities which actually seem to enjoy my presence.


    Everyone who I got along with here ended up either friending me on Discord or even making a Discord account to stay in contact with me, and to those who did that, I do appreciate it.  However, I still put my Discord tag in my contact methods, just in case there are others who still wish to contact me.  If you wish to contact me there, go ahead, I will no longer receive notifications for DMs, so if you have any issues with contacting me on Discord, please contact either @ARikozuM or @Jtalk4456, they have agreed to take DMs regarding that on my behalf.


    Closing thoughts, I'm glad that I left this place, the toxicity of many of this forum's users plus the issues which I am not allowed to talk about was really starting to get to me emotionally.  These forums have more or less turned to either people wanting free tech support or fanboyism/elitism discussion.  Perhaps it has changed since I left, but since a certain person always vents about people being well, elitist here, I don't think it has changed.


    I admittedly haven't found a suitable replacement for tech talk like discussions anywhere else, but @TopHatProductions115 has been more then happy to discuss tech with me on DMs.

    Either way, this whole journey has been worthwhile for the friends who I have made here, but it's time for me to say goodbye.


    So, goodbye, we'll not meet again.

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    2. Windows7ge


      I wondered what happened to you. After such a long break I figured this was what it was about more or less. I hope you found a better community.

      As for me I mostly hangout in the Networking & Server/NAS sub-forums so I don't see a lot of the toxicity everyone talks about. :P

    3. RorzNZ


      Sad news. Was thinking of you the other day. 

    4. Techstorm970


      @Windows7ge Wanna see what he's talking about?  Go to Tech News, Off Topic, or General Discussion and browse for a while.


      If nothing else, you'll notice how often the mods have to clean shit up in those places.

  2. If you want to try to mock me, at least get the battery chemistry right. Here, I'll help you out. https://www.amazon.com/Rechargeable-Batteries-Quick-Charge-Micro-USB-Charging/dp/B07J9PQ1CN/ref=sxbs_sxwds-stvp?keywords=lithium+aa+batteries&pd_rd_i=B07J9PQ1CN&pd_rd_r=162a9f3e-d251-41d4-9c5d-1515e7c86c5f&pd_rd_w=lF56Z&pd_rd_wg=Jw3Qu&pf_rd_p=d006b618-5fac-44e6-850d-a0fdd19f7847&pf_rd_r=PTA9JZVQMM2Y01JXVMBK&qid=1565477475&s=gateway&sprefix=lithium+ Li-ion instead of lipo, but at least it's lithium.
  3. You can still find them. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01MFI0KIB/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=A9QIOY9HGDU88&psc=1

    Snow doggo faceplants.

    1. Schnoz


      wholesome and informative


    "Are you a helicopter?"


    1. ARikozuM


      All of those flight sim comedy videos... pale in comparison. 

    2. pizapower


      I love my cockter.


    Meth heads....

    1. ARikozuM


      Is that an actual thing that happened or was it staged?

    2. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon

      The fuck if I know. 

    3. lewdicrous


      It was real iirc


    When you have watched a movie far too many times. 

  8. vjmlbvxfoff31.jpg.a63d6e1d99c921e63b02cc7d322223d8.jpg


    @savagepain does this. 

    1. Cyberspirit




      I guess you could make the argument that you can always get fancy custom cables.

    2. TopHatProductions115
  9. The addition of asphalt makes them charge a lot faster. There is apparently sodium batteries that are looking quite promising in terms of the energy density department.
    1. Phas3L0ck


      Of course it's in Ukraine, Russians have everything...

      What would you even do with such an old CPU? frame it?

      There are calculators that have more power than that thing.

    2. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon


      What would you even do with such an old CPU? frame it?

      Something like that.

      I'm going to be turning one of the rooms into a nerdy chillout room.


      A mini museum would be kinda cool.

    3. Phas3L0ck


      I'd buy an 8080 or 8086 chip if I had any use for it...

  10. I just realized, I game at 1080p.

    And I have a GTX 1080...

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    2. Phas3L0ck


      "what's to stop you from using Linux with KVM instead?"

      2 things; while Linux has better technology for infrastructure and administration, it's too complex, and doesn't run a single program that would be needed, and everything is only available on Windows; KVM? Uh, NO! I am NOT switching every single VM I've designed for the commonly used VMware to use a foreign program that doesn't even have the same integration-- and don't forget that practically no one uses KVM for their images!


      Reference to paragraph 3:

      Actually, it is still new to me, and I only just found the articles a couple days ago, and am still combing through the details.  I've known about the "VM sharing" feature for years, but never had a use for it, much less the mechanical parts to effectively run it...


      There used to be solutions for RDP, but most offered ZERO GPU acceleration and/or required close proximity for physical "remote" access.


      There are at least 2 things I still don't understand; Shouldn't there be a way to softmod VM networking to allow Wake-On-LAN to the virtual adapters?  And to what extent does the integrated VNC connection part of VM system options connect users to the image?  My users need the ability to power ON and hard reset at their discretion, so that's the big problem right now.  The possibility of access to the boot screen would be a nice bonus in some cases.


      Can't I just add on a software cPanel of some sort that would integrate seamlessly with VMware Workstation to solve this? I've heard about cPanel solutions for years, but most are nearly imposible to access and/or don't do all of what they advertise, while some simply don't work at all unless you have a serious Active Directory system (which BTW is completely obsolete) and SQL for logging!

    3. TopHatProductions115


      sounds like you need a custom solution. Might have to program that yourself :( 

    4. Phas3L0ck


      I've been thinking of that forever, but have absolutely no programming experience, no time to learn, and no source code to start with even then. I'd have to completely restructure VMware Workstation by hand from the ground up, and spend Billions of dollars trying to get a license for top-secret IP owned by greedy, useless corporations managed by lousy suburban bumpkins, city hicks, and telephone halls in India! All of that so I can make a special variant of some program...


      It's bad enough I had to wait FIVE YEARS for the hardware I need to be developed and manufactured, and several more years for it to be affordable! And worse, there have only every been 4 or 5 boards that even remotely match the specs I'm looking for, and they're still not right! It's these little features here and there that really P1$$ me off-- things like one feature missing or different, or an extra thing that got reshaped from the original idea which would have been better!

      Did you know that motherboard designs are essentially more secure, and more heavily guarded than the entire world's cash supply AND Nuclear B0MB stockpiles!?!


      Software is easy enough to steal and modify... But to FIX the schematic and underlying design of a MOTHERBOARD?!? That would take the threat of Stalin AND Hitler RISING FROM THE DEAD, to get ANYONE to cooperate, and millions of dollars PER BOARD to produce the modified product!

      Don't even get me started on the devastating, mind-boggling flaws of EVERY SINGLE CHASSIS EVER MADE; it's pathetic! People SUCK at chassis design-- even the big companies that waayyy overcharge for any amount of modification or custom design have ZERO imagination!


      "sounds like you need a custom solution"

      I always have, and always will.


      "Might have to program that yourself"

      I would, but I can't.


      Thanks for trying anyway.

  11. I think the man actually has an 18650 battery loose in his pocket with some spare change that shorted it. The only lithium technology (that I know of) that comes close to the AA voltage spec is lithium titanate. A resistor could also be used, but that's incredibly inefficient. Any form of switching power supply would need a capacitor though. A liner voltage regulator would also work, but still wouldn't be as efficient as switching.
  12. I might check him out, I'm wanting to make 18650 battery banks for solar and wind. Electricity is expensive during the winter here.

    Why am I allowed near hazardous material?

    1. Schnoz
    2. TopHatProductions115


      just like the real one

    3. Schnoz
  14. Model number is LGDBMG1185 and N329K254A7. They are LG OEM batteries that was extracted from a dead MSI gaming laptop. LG and Samsung are both great, however. These are flat top 18650 batteries. They aren't going to be compatible unless you're willing to cram some aluminum foil on the positive end.
  15. I found some li-ion batteries, but no lipo batteries. Also, the only 2000 mah that I found was NiMH. Although it does seem like there are lithium ion batteries on Amazon that offer similar functionality for slightly cheaper. NiMH batteries don't need overcharge, and over discharge protection circuits, the USB ports also cost money, as well as the LEDs. Lithium is generally at 3.7v, so I would imagine that there is some switching circuitry involved in these batteries. I agree, although I can see it being useful for travel folks and whatnot.
  16. https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/pale-blue-rechargeable-smart-batteries/?amp While the article talks about them lasting more than lithium ion batteries, the kickstarter makes no mention of that on their kickstarter. The success doesn't surprise me, rechargeable lithium AA and AAA batteries are something that people have wanted for a while. While there are non rechargeable lithium Energizer batteries, non rechargeable batteries are both wasteful both money wise and environmentally wise. That's actually pretty neat, but I can see recharging multiple batteries at once being a bit of a mess. This also brings up the question on whether or not these batteries are compatible with devices that can charge regular nickel metal hydride by just plugging them in. Let's also keep in mind that this is a kickstarter project, and a lot has gone wrong with kickstarter projects in the past. But I will remain cautiously optimistic.

    @TopHatProductions115 when playing pokemon. 

    1. ARikozuM


      Tophat can't even catch a Magikarp with a Good Rod. 

    2. TopHatProductions115


      I don't play Pokemon :P 



  18. Screenshot_20190809-134159_YouTube.jpg.1408921b07745664394c4096343fb793.jpg


    1. RorzNZ


      Ahh Yes, Enslaved Daylight. .  

    2. ARikozuM


      Socialized light for the rich. Rugged darkness for the poor. 


      Also, poor TVs. 

  19. Walmart: We are going to remove all violent video game signage. 


    still sells guns


    2000+ iq move!

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    2. Phas3L0ck



      My first thought was like... WHAT THE FLYING F**K?!?

      I wonder if they still have .50-cals..?


      For all that, they could have said: " We will no longer be selling the Armor-Piercing rounds for your AK-47. Instead, have some nice warm Incendiary rounds!"

    3. ARikozuM


      The NRA "donates" more money than Microsoft and Sony. 

    4. ARikozuM


      Imagine if Nintendo "donated"! Pipes, pipes as far as the eye can see... 


    Falsely copyright claim a copyright lawyer's work.

    200+ iq move!

    1. DrMacintosh


      He should definitely sue. 

    2. Sauron
    3. ARikozuM


      Hackers hack AI specialist; AI specialist installs Bitcoin Skynet on hackers' computers. 


    This is what happens when your cat blue screens.