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  1. I decided to try to be clever, and speak french to someone that knew french online.  I stated that i'm eating baby back ribs tonight.

    I said in french "Je mange les côtes du dos d'un bébé ce soir".  I haven't heard a response since.


    @wkdpaul You live in Québec, correct?  Do you know french?  If so, then what the hell did I just say?

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    2. wkdpaul


      Actually, baby back ribs are "bouts de côtes" or "côtes levées de dos".


      So it should've been : "Je mange des *côtes levées de dos* ce soir."


      or *bouts de côtes*


      The part where he says "d'un bébé" literally means it's coming from a baby! xD


    3. Hiitchy


      Hahah that much I know! 

    4. Cinnabar Sonar

      Cinnabar Sonar


      That's French all right ... but you just said you're going to eat ribs from a baby! xD

      Yup, i'm going to hell.  xD

  2. image.png.3d38bf00c4405273d9655b162001a57c.png



    Why do Arabians and Egyptians, on average watch my content for a longer period of time?

    I'm legitimately curious.  Is it the Millennium Puzzle video?


    Who knew that Arabians/Egyptians liked Yugioh...

    1. themctipers



  3. image.png.0519b15f288304fb1050b7eea555deb3.png


    We are doing this.

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    2. techstorm970


      @Cinnabar Sonar is not Cinnabar Sober right now...

    3. Cinnabar Sonar

      Cinnabar Sonar

      @techstorm970 Just hung over right now, but that's the thing about me, you just never know.

      Also, rubbing alcohol gives one hell of a hangover...

    4. PCGuy_5960



  4. I just realized, when I drank the rubbing alcohol, I drank trace amounts of cat urine...

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    2. TVwazhere


      How the hell have you lived this long?

    3. themctipers
    4. Cinnabar Sonar

      Cinnabar Sonar

      @TVwazhere I'm resilient, if nothing else.

  5. I should make my own discord server.

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    2. Cinnabar Sonar

      Cinnabar Sonar

      @tjcater Just wondering what it should be about.

    3. themctipers


      how to shitpost on ltt effectively

    4. Cinnabar Sonar

      Cinnabar Sonar

      @themctipers It's being worked on.


  6. Who Would Of Known Linus Is A Millionaire

    He owns a successful business, i'm surprised it's that low actually. 1.5 million isn't that large when it comes to businesses.
  7. That would have required thought.
  8. Welp, I just accidentally drank two big gulps of rubbing alcohol.

    I called poison control, who told me to drink lots of water, and that I might get drunk...



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    2. Cinnabar Sonar
    3. Ethocreeper


      @Ryan_Vickers it can go to 99. (if you buy it homemade).

      fortunately, the one i drank was around how much you found

    4. Ethocreeper


      @Ryan_Vickersyea she came into the room and told me it wasn't water. i had already realized that...

  9. When I listen to music with others it's usually on speaker, but I guess that makes sense. Sharing earwax...

    This is what happens when SJWs run a business.


    I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

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    2. CUDA_Cores


      pool wars, episode 5:


      The octopus strikes back!

    3. Hiitchy


      All i could see is the cat going "nonononoononononononononononono" 

    4. Cinnabar Sonar

      Cinnabar Sonar

      @Hiitchy That's what they all say.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. And your argument assumes that we should like what you like, and embrace it. Either way, I have found wireless headphones to be LESS convenient, not more. A little bit of cable management goes a long way. That's an understatement, no really. I have a pair of HD 650s, which is essentially what you have. I like to listen to music while I work, so I usually have a pair of earbuds. I recently bought a $150.00 dollar Bluetooth pair, and I find that it gives more inconveniences then removes. From random cutting out, to having to charge them, they are a pain, all for "look ma, no wires!". Also, while not really relevant my priorities are: Sound quality > comfort > convenience > features. That's what I don't get. Why do some people have issues with those that don't like the removal of the 3.5 mm jack? It didn't harm them, when it was there. Just curious, is there an actual use case for that?
  13. I have done some experiments with OBS and shadowplay.

    These are the results.



    As you can see, OBS has better color reproduction, especially in the blacks, but Shadowplay is easier to run.

    @LordTaco42 may be interested in this information.

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    2. Damascus


      Whelp, I guess I'm using OBS for the thrilling adventure (of custom sleeving like 100 cables)


      Yes, now you too can tune in to the mind numbing boredom of endless crimping!  

    3. Cinnabar Sonar

      Cinnabar Sonar

      @Damascus OBS seems to only utilize 6 threads, after that you are better off with increased clockspeed/IPC



      @Ryan_Vickers OBS has washed out colors too, with the default settings (although not nearly as bad as Shadowplay).



      Above default settings.

      Below color format changed to RGB, color space changed to 709, and YUV color range changed to full.

      Those setting aren't suitable for streaming though.

    4. Ryan_Vickers


      Yeah I know OBS also offers some odd modes but at least it gives the option to do it properly.

  14. So, I decided to get DIRT rally for around 10 buckazoids.

    The main thing I have to say is, it feels very real, it seems like the majority of the developer's time went into realistic vehicle physics.

    I mean, it DEFINITELY didn't go into NPC animation.



     Bronze metal, not bat for my first set of races.

    1. Legendarypoet


      I hate racing games.

      I love all DIRT games.

      Don't know what it is about them.

  15. image.png.5f4d77d2d2df6b97f4fd3efb76666e84.png