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  1. LTT Storage Rankings

    UPDATED Added 9 more 8TB drives Changed CPU Added 10Gbit NIC Added another HBA CASE: 45Drives MB: Supermicro X9SCM CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1275 @ 3.40GHz HS: Standard RAM: 32GB ECC Memory (4x 8GB PC3-12800) HBA: 2 x HighPoint Rocket 750 SSD: Toshiba 120GB HDD 1: 36x 8TB WD RED 5400 RPM NIC: Onboard 2x 1Gigabit NIC: HP Mellanox 10GbE Connext-2
  2. LTT Storage Rankings

    Ok, someone else is running enterprise high speed spinners and the drive temps were astronomical! Would be interested to know you get on.
  3. LTT Storage Rankings

    I'm thinking of getting one of those and connecting it up to my storinator. How are you finding the fan noise and drive temps on the 60drive pod?
  4. My First 45drives NAS

    1 zpool 3 vdevs Raid-z2
  5. LTT Storage Rankings

    Done and done!
  6. My First 45drives NAS

    Expanded up to 27 x 8Tb drives now That should do for a little while
  7. LTT Storage Rankings

    Hardware CASE: 45Drives MB: Supermicro X9SCM CPU: Intel i3-3240 HS: Standard RAM: 32GB ECC Memory (4x 8GB PC3-12800) HBA: HighPoint Rocket 750 SSD: Toshiba 120GB HDD 1: 27x 8TB WD RED 5400 RPM NIC: Onboard 2x 1Gigabit Software and Configuration: Freenas Single zpool 4 vdevs in raidz2 with 9 disks each. Usage: Storage. Additional info: This is my primary large NAS. The next one is under construction. That should contain roughly 100Tb Images: I have removed serial numbers from
  8. My First 45drives NAS

    freenas for both of my boxes
  9. My First 45drives NAS

    I'm starting to think is RaidZ2 enough redundancy!
  10. My First 45drives NAS

    Had one fail in service overnight. That is three failures from 10 drives 28 MAR 2017 must have been a bad day on the production line for the WD RED 8Tb drives!
  11. LTT Storage Rankings

    Just waiting on the next batch of drives to arrive then will put my main system up. Can I have more than one system in the list?
  12. My First 45drives NAS

    I don't give them a full sector test as to be honest I am too impatient. First thing is listen to them spinup and initialise, then if I have purchased more than one, I deploy them into a zfs array and write to them for a few hours, then scrub the data and then decide if I want to return any. I've been purchasing HDD since the late 90's and I've only had two drives arrive faulty, these two from recently. Everything else has survived a fair lifespan from installation. I still have PATA HDDs that work from 2001. I've only had catastrophic loss from a few drives in that time, I recently had a 2tb Barracuda die suddenly, it is a 7 year old drive, so it has lasted well IMO.
  13. My First 45drives NAS

    Had two faulty drives from new now. One DOA another had much louder head searching than the others. 10% arrival faulty rate on these, hope they are reliable going forward.
  14. My First 45drives NAS

    My second batch of wd red arrived today, one was unfortunately DOA Never had a drive that is DOA before.
  15. 100 tb storage

    I remember my first TB back in 2003, now I have over 250TB and I think I could do with more space. Some people have 4x titan Xp, personally my 1070 is mroe than enough, but different people have different needs, and for some people, we need storage, and lots of it!