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  1. Help deleting partitions !

    it all went well but i think i shouldnt have deleted those since they were the laptops recovery partitions and now it doenst let me install win10 .... should i transplant the laptop hdd to my pc again and try to install win 10 here and then put it back to the laptop and see if it boots ? i tried booting from usb in the bios with a 64 bit version of win 10 but idk if the laptop cpu is 32 bit or 64 bit ... it came with win 8 ... will this matter ?
  2. Help deleting partitions !

    @Tabs its only a 500gb disk and yes i have concerns about data retention since its to give to another person and to do a better "cleaning" job i chose to full format it ,
  3. Help deleting partitions !

    @Tabs sould i do that only when it finishes to format the biggest partition right ?
  4. hey guys i'm trying to format an hdd for my cousin's laptop since it was stuck on windows repair mode and the reset allways failed. So i plugged it in my PC and noticed it had some partitions i cant delete and it just says "help" ? wat can i do ? i'm currently formating the biggest partition but i would like to delete and merge all the other ones
  5. Ear wax remove?

    oh and once i got a mosquito in my ear and had to go to a doctor remove it lol he also clean my ear, but the was is was kept the mosquito from going deeper in my ear. that's why we have wax there... goo see the doctor and ask some questions about ear wax ^^
  6. Ear wax remove?

    yep go see a doctor to clean it professionaly . after that you can ask him how to do that . sometimes they reccomend kind of spray that dissolves the wax and poors down your ear
  7. NEED SERIOUS HELP missing files

    thx guys but i gave up as nothing worked... tried various clone and recovery programs and none found the files i was looking for or the clones would fail... i formmated it as my friend said he could get back most or all of the important files
  8. NEED SERIOUS HELP missing files

    Yes i did .. i'm trying to clone it today , yesterday i was sick of it and gave up ... its cloning now... I'll do that after i clone ... but you can check the pictures i posted in the original post. Windows says it has occuppied 300gb but only 21gb shows up .. the rest is the "missing" files
  9. NEED SERIOUS HELP missing files

    oh it doenst say but its halfway
  10. NEED SERIOUS HELP missing files

    what is ETA ?
  11. NEED SERIOUS HELP missing files

    yes sir , it's in my pc
  12. NEED SERIOUS HELP missing files

    i let it sit... i even checked the files....
  13. NEED SERIOUS HELP missing files

    yes my friend... i'm not that noob... it was a cut and paste... and if it was in the recycling bin it would show up in his user folder... but it doenst...
  14. NEED SERIOUS HELP missing files

    no but i've put it back in my pc and the files dont show up. .. how can i clone it ? i never did that
  15. hey guys i need some help , today i was doing a clean install of win10 in a friends pc but he had some important files so i put his HDD in my pc and transfered the files... 10gb important stuff and ~250 gb of games and music. after i did that , i went on and did a clean install of win10 in his pc with the same HDD. then i put back the hdd in my pc and CUT+PASTE in his HDD ... all good until then... after this i put back the hdd back in his pc and it was all good... when he got home the Folder i created with the files and games was gone but the HDD in windows shows that the space is occupied but the files dont show up... programs and win10 are only using 21gb but the 279gb (his files) are missing ... i tried hidden files and searching but its now working ... is there any onther way to get the files ??? ? Atm i'm trying ntfs undelete recovery program