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    Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
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    Skiing, running, pc gaming...
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    Informatics Analyst
  1. Oh yeah, look at that!
  2. Banned for attempting to use code in your post.
  3. I'm guessing this is a fake account made to look like the LTT google account? This is rather clever, gross...
  4. Please imagine for a moment that the thumbnail that this geeksquad technician found was acquired unintentionally by browsing some legal site. As in, his browser cached it. Search your hard drive for files with something like Recuva, I'm sure you'll find a slew of cached thumbnails from web pages... Although that wasn't the case here, it would suck to be that person if it was...
  5. After taking a summer job with the federal government two summers ago, I was asked to come back last May to fill in for my manager while he filled in for his. Move forward to today, almost a year later, and I will be leaving next week (bien que je suis bon a mon travail, je suis pas bilingue). I know basic fundamentals of coding and software design methodology, with experience working with a development team. I also have extensive experience building/repairing PCs (which is what my last job was). Has anyone seen any cool summer employment opportunities (in IT or otherwise) that would be worth moving out of province for? Or any suggestions on where to look? Unfortunately, all federal government jobs for students are off limits to me until next year.
  6. Yeah, I can't see how someone could "not miss" 8GB of RAM... I'm going to frame this as plainly as it is...admitted theft. But to answer your question, when I was in high school I would gather up PCs people left at the end of their driveway during spring cleanup, and make the best one I could. Sold quite a few of those...