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  1. Are you able to boot into the BIOS setup utility?
  2. I assumed that he was using a good quality power supply that has multiple security measures and turns off automatically in case something goes wrong. Most of the recent ones do that. But then again, nothing is safe from Murphy's law.
  3. If your mobo has a power indicator light, and it is turning on when you plug in the psu (double check if turned on) the psu is fine, it's definitely something else.
  4. If your system is not even posting, it most likely has got nothing to do with the CPU and everything to do with the motherboard. Plus, damaging the motherboard with a faulty (but compatible) CPU is very unlikely, unless it was shorted (which could potentially blow off the voltage regulator) and I don't think a simple power outage could short a CPU. Bottomline: I think you should first borrow a motherboard from some PC hardware dealer. They mostly have many lying around.
  5. The first troubleshooting step would be to unplug everything and use another similar motherboard to check for damage. Btw is it posting or not? because if not, you prolly have a dead mobo. Additionally, get a decent UPS to prevent future damage.
  6. Just installed CM 13 on my device (A galaxy S duos 2 - GT s7582) everything works just fine but the battery does not charge. I tried everything from AC to USB but it just shows that it's charging and is stuck at 3%. The phone does charge when turned off but not when it's on so it is for sure a software error. Any possible fixes?
  7. My cooler is pretty good but I think I forgot the thermal paste. What's the temperature range I should be looking for?
  8. I probably forgot the thermal paste. Anyway, thanks for replying. I'll check out the cooler if applying thermal paste doesn't do any good...
  9. Hi everyone. I recently installed a new core 2 quad q9550 CPU on my system. I noticed that the fan spins loudly with this one. The temperatures will be in a pictures attached. Do I need to be worried? The first column represents the current and the second column represents the max.
  10. Unfortunately, the only way to go about it would be brute forcing the password. But, there are some sites in which you can upload the rar file and they will brute force the password on their powerful computers and send it to you (I have no idea whether or not they are legit), but most of them are paid.. Try this one.
  11. I spent 20 minutes searching for my credit card only to find out that LTT merch isn't shipped to my country... Sad :(

    1. ArsStudio_YT


      Note : This post is not meant to offend someone. LinusTechTips is and has always been my fav. youtube channel and I'll continue watching his vids no matter what.

    2. Lurick


      I'm offended that you don't want to offend me. How dare you!

  12. ArsStudio_YT


    Thanks man... Appreciate it..