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  1. Hi! I have just bought a Sennheiser GSX 1000 to run my Game Ones. Absolutely loving it but have a slight issue. I am using mackie mr5mk3's as my speakers and was previously using them with a focusrite 2i2. I was just running two Balanced XLR cables from the 2i2 to the Mackies with no issue. Now I have the GSX 1000 im not sure if its best to run the audio through that and get rid of the 2i2 I have. Issue being is that the GXS 1000 only has 3.5mm jacks on the back not TRS. I bought a cable off of Amazon which was a 3.5mm to Dual 6.5mm and the audio works fine but as this is an unbalanced cable I am getting stupid amounts of interference. I've tried looking around and cannot find a balanced 3.5 to TRS anywhere so not sure if this is a thing. I could keep the 2i2 on my desk and just use the GXS 1000 dedicated to my headphones and switch between the controllers in windows when I want to switch headphones to speakers but i like the idea of using the GXS 1000 for everything personally. If there is some way I can run the speakers from the GXS that would be great or if theres any way so I can send a signal straight from the GXS into my 2i2 and then use that or something? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as you may be able to see im not the most knowledgeable in audio haha! Cheers.
  2. I have no idea why this is happening but I can confirm I am having the same issue. I am running an I7 7700k and Z270X and whenever I have it installed my PC suddenly slows down massively. Take it off and it becomes a beast again... Very strange