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  1. The biggest struggles people have is on their iphone they need to tell it not to download updates, not to download app updates. Most computers these days require big patch updates Apple and Microsoft. It only takes 2-3 devices needing an update and the months data cap is gone... With the Billions of tax paying dollars spent to roll it out, i was shocked to see data caps. that is a bit unfair. But it sounds like SpaceX is here to break that monopoly right up..
  2. This is big news for those on NBN Sat services, not for the fact its 10x faster because its actually fixed lined services that run at 100Mbps on NBN. NBN Sat customers have 25M/5M speed maximum. The biggest news will be SpaceX doing unlimited data, the biggest plans on NBN Sat is 200GB for the month. Recently introduction of 200GB Peak and 200GB Off Peak plans, but still.. thats not great for streaming. If SpaceX can offer Unlimited Data Plans even with 50M/10M that would be a massive improvement and game changing for anyone on Skymuster right now.
  3. i leave my CPU clocking stock, and plug in my monitor turn on my machine till i see the bios screen then switch it off. that seems to prove it will post at least.wouldn't leave it on for long like that.
  4. Decent pump like a D5 with flex tubing if you want simple first time building is more than enough. That pump will last you a good 8-10 years, always run your loop with water in it, never run the pump dry. when filling the system top up res, when it runs to the bottom of the res turn off the pump. You do that and run the liquid temp 50C or less it will last forever. AIO's are easy to install but are sealed, liquid does evaporate through the tubes slowly over time, you must install the pump at the lowest point which is on the block for most. They aren't usually designed to be reused over and over so taking it off and back on again might be an issue. AIO pumps are far cheaper than custom pumps so you would expect 2-5 years out of an AIO Pump. General rule is a 240mm per device being cooled, 1xCPU 240mm, 1xCPU and 1xGPU 480mm. Some kind of extreme overclocking of 1xCPU and 1xGPU you might go 2x480mm depending on the heat output of your device you are cooling. the EKWB configuration on their website is good at showing what size rads are required for your components if you are look at a future build. https://www.ekwb.com/custom-loop-configurator/
  5. What you are describing is similar to this production laptop. Asus made the GX700VO which has two ports on the back of the laptop that close when undocked. When Docked the Water Cooled system is completed and there are two radiators installed in the Dock with Fans to cool down all the laptop components. Idea is getting the heat out of the laptop and slow spinning fans making less noise but able to dissipate the heat. They did a newer model the GX800VO https://www.asus.com/Laptops/ROG-GX800VH-7th-Gen-Intel-Core/
  6. Can't wait for these to come out got my GTX1080 (non Ti) back at launch. Watched the 1080Ti exceed it by 20% but using more power and cost the same. Watched the 2080 exceed it by 25% but using more power and cost more $$. Watched the 2080Ti exceed it by 40% but use more power and cost so many more $$. Hopefully the 3080Ti will use a bit more power than my GTX1080 but be 50% faster with less power than the 20XX Series. Certainly time for an upgrade...
  7. T2 Chips on the SSD's lost me there, thats a bit rude for upgradablity.
  8. or for 50K USD, you could build the same system and watercool it with pipes dipped in gold.
  9. Also bought the GTX1080 when it came out in 2016 with the 1080ti a big jump up and the 2080ti being even a bigger jump up. But also with the jump in processing power came physical power usage as well. the 3080 at least will have more of all the crap but less power usage, so hopefully a more refined version of the 2080. Looking forward to the release but the 1080's done well considering its from 2016.
  10. i love the screen of my iPhone X its just the right size, but when you put it in your jeans pocket its always hanging out a bit The Galaxy Fold looks great but its like a brick when folded, though i can see uses for it as a tablet its still really bit to carry around. Razr completely gob smacked me with this, the big phone you want and its a small phone in your pocket when you aren't using it. This is an Apple moment for Motorola, it looks beautiful, there is no screen bend. Being an owner of the original Razr, the gravity flip open and closed slapping shut was signature to the experience. I am impressed they managed to maintain that in this as well, even with a fragile screen. Yes the spec's are ground breaking but for such a thin devices something has to go. I can't see people using this as a power house. for media and light app work it seems fine.
  11. If they could fit it into contact lens then they'd get the market. entering the market this late in the game will never pay off unless the delivery is massively different.
  12. HardwareUnboxed Lawrence Systems Crosstalk Solutions Gamers Nexus Snazzy Labs Bitwit JayzTwoCents HardwareCanucks
  13. Buildzoid can be annoy as hell... however he knows his shit more than most people. He has a few videos on how to overclock memory in detail, a lot of techtubers contact him to squeeze the last drop out of overclocks. I think this is what you are looking for below.
  14. It could be any number of things. A quick thing to test though, pull out one of your sticks of memory use the machine see if it crashes if it does. Put that stick back in and remove the other one see if it stops crashing. if it crashes for both sticks thats probably your memory ruled out as being the issue. You can also try this don't actually run the Restore just see if anything changed on the 20th of October. type restore in the windows search and click "create a restore point". Click on System Restore. Then on the Next page you should see the dates, click Show more restore points see what happened around the 20th. Did you update your Nvidia Drivers or something? You could try picking a restore point before the 20th if you don't care what happened you just want it gone. that is provided the cause is a software based one. You might at least see something
  15. Looks like an oversized milk crate...