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  1. Maticks

    Intel Comet Lake Packs Up to 10 Cores

    Looks like getting into 6Ghz is nearly impossible with current technology at least when not LN2 cooling. So its how many cores can we shove on this thing Unfortunately software isn't going to scale given most will use 4-8 cores only.
  2. Maticks

    Corsair Hydro X Series - New Product Leak

    i do like those RTX 2080ti blocks, the black around the acrylic looks nice. Most suppliers seem to do all black or all acrylic its nice to see a mix.
  3. you are fine, i run my CPU up to 80c often. People run their CPU's into the 97-98c 5.4Ghz etc and from intel's spec that is still safe but i really doubt you'd get more than 4 years out of the CPU running it at the edge like that. I prefer to stick to the 80's for safety and that's complete safe, according to many mainstream tech tubers and their data. At the end of the day heat and voltage kill things. 1.48 Volts is safe within spec for 24x7 usage, the issue is anyone getting up to that with an overclock is unlikely to have less than 99c temps since every .10 Volts is going to give you 1-2C more temp on your processor. being below 1.48Volts and below 90c at all times your CPU is completely fine and safe. there is talks of degradation but its basically shorting 5 years off a CPU designed to last 30 years. (thats if you are in the 1.4Volts area). Will you have a new computer in the next 25 Years ? i assume so? so is there going to be an issue. likely not for you. Power supply or Motherboard are likely to die much sooner than your CPU is. In your case you are at 1.28Volts that is minimal voltage, you have a lot of headroom. I guess from you're perspective in 2-3 years time you might find a game or something is hitting the CPU at 100% and you need 20% more power or you think of doing an upgrade. That is the time to change the Vcore to 1.38Volts and go for 5.2-5.3 see if its stable. get 300Mhz more on all your cores might be enough to hold off an upgrade for another year.
  4. If thats a high workload on that CPU when you pulled HWINFO thats not a great Delid. You should see temps around the same within about a degree or two per core difference but 8c is a decent delta. Unless its not a heavy workload across all cores. 45C on Core 0 49C on Core 2 52C on Core 3,4,5 53C on Core 1 Aside from that honestly doesn't look that hot at 53C, these chips run fine in the 80c area without any issues. If you are going to go for more overclocking you will get more stability turning off. Intel Speed Shift Technology -> Disabled C-states : Disabled You might get 5.1Ghz out of the chip at your current Vcore, though your chip will sit at 5.1Ghz all the time with C-State off it won't be drawing full power. Probably be drawing about 20-30Watts more without the downclocking but stability is the trade off. Don't bother with Uncore you have it set to 44 now, it won't really provide any real world advantage turning that up but most 8700k's are only stable at 44 or 45. It's mostly for Memory heavy workloads like rendering when Uncore see's a small improvement in speed, Gaming and general system stuff there is no advantage.
  5. This is no big surprise, of course the Vault is stored in Memory how else is it going to be accessed? When you key in your Master Password that decrypts the Application data, But the Vault in Memory is still encrypted. I understand what the Article is saying, if you had access to the Master Password and the encrypted data in the RAM you "could" decrypt the Vault. That would require physical access to the machine and the Master Password. Accessing the machine remotely with Trojan tools is the only alternative. It is still more secure than saving all your passwords into a text file or using Google Chrome to store your passwords.
  6. Maticks


    When Apple has thier finger in a few pies they did pretty well. Now they have thier finger in every pie they do nothing well. Some really weird choices like USBC on some products and not others.
  7. in regards to the CPU Power Duty that one should be fine provided you have some airflow through your case. CPU Power Phase Control is the nasty one but you have that set to Standard not Extreme that will load power across more of the VRM but generates a lot of extra heat. I have a waterblock on mine so i can turn that setting up to Extreme i don't know what airflow you need to turn that up on your board with fans. I just think you don't have enough voltage on your CPU to hit that frequency, Delidding can help with hitting higher numbers but see what type of lottery you got on your CPU first. I got to 5.1Ghz without a delid and 1.375V stable but at 85c, Delidded and got to 5.4Ghz at 1.44V stable with 81c. But i do have a D5 set to full speed and a EK Velocity Water Block. Other thing to check is one core in HW Info hitting higher than the others you could have one hitting a lot higher depending on how well you did you delid. I have one that is 2c different which is fine, some people can have a core hit 99c which isn't good, just requires doing it again.
  8. I would probably try LLC 5 not 6 since 5 is more flat.6 is going to throw more voltage on the curve. Probably try Vcore at 1.3 after that change, its likely not enough voltage a lot of chips require 1.33V to be stable at 5Ghz with 8700k (8086).
  9. Maticks

    Fan Spinning but No Signal? is my GPU Dead?

    Can always be a dead PCI-E slot on your motherboard. Try placing it in the next slot down, the first one will be a 16x, try one of the 8x slots. Could also be the power connectors as well on the top of the card, check to make sure they are plugged in completely as well.
  10. Maticks

    i7 8086k overclock

    If your overclock is crashing in real world it is likely that you've left on all the speedstep crap. When you throw a stress test load on the CPU you are likely hitting it with 100% workload non stop. This is good for testing how far you are off of TJ Max when checking the temps to see how much room you have for overclocking more or dropping back your voltages if its stable. My suggestion would be turn off power saving functions disable speedstep so it stays at the turbo speed all the time. Likely what is happening is your CPU is clocking down and back up during loads somewhere in the middle it isn't stable at a low clock with that voltage. Other things you can try and flatten out your curve with Load Line Calibration to get an even voltage, every motherboard is different for what Level is set. it's good to google what the flat line looks like for your model. I would probably start out with turning off speedstep throttling stuff and LLC first. Prime95 is really not that great a representation of real world load unless your doing rendering, if you're doing gaming AIDA64 stress test is good and if it sees any bad data it will abort the stress test. You can also turn on GPU stress with CPU stress if you have both on the same water loop so you can measure close to real world 100% load on both devices and dial in your fan speeds etc on the radiator. If you have done any memory overclock certainly set that back to default for your sticks as its best to overclock your CPU first then memory later. Also if you are using 4 sticks of DDR4 sometimes removing 2 of them so you're on 2 sticks total is better for some CPU IMC's that aren't that great at overclocking. For example a stock 3400Mhz DDR4 kit a 8700k at 5.1+Ghz may not like running at 3400Mhz even though the memory is fine out of the box the IMC on the CPU doesn't like it. But if you are running at 3200Mhz you shouldn't have any issues that seems to be pretty fine in the 5Ghz area on most 8700k's. Make one change and test, save some Motherboard Profiles write some of the changes down on a notepad, make another change till you are all dialed in. Took me 5 months to get the most out of my CPU.
  11. Maticks

    This copyright drama isn't gonna go away LTT

    good on Linus doing a video, honestly he didn't need to. Eli trolls every company on the internet. I've seen some of his videos didn't know he had 900k subs but their is only so many videos you can watch about a guy complaining about everything. It's just another attempt to use LTT's name to drive a clickbait title, the system is automatic from Youtube i think everyone knows that.
  12. Maticks

    Thermaltake vs EK

    I use a combination of EK and TT, i like TT Case's to work in the P5 and W200 i have. the TT Pumps are fine they are rebadged D5's. TT Radiators are thin and experience some mixed metal issues, in most cases they are aluminum and not full copper. TT Fluid is also really bad, clogging systems and even separating in un opened bottles. EK i use for Waterblocks though i also do have what is reported the stripping of the nickel plating from the block, this happens with the flow rate turned up on the pump. When you use fluids such as nano particles in Mayhems Pastel or other liquids suspending colour. If you sand blast a metal block its going to strip a coating off as well pushing particles at high speed into a block is going to do the same thing on a smaller scale, over time its going to strip away some of that coating. That being said pure copper is underneath it. I would use an EK Rad or Alphacool both are full Copper. EK Fittings or equal that are known to be Copper or Brass.
  13. i'm expecting to see something amazing.. something different. just 3-4 cameras on the back not edge to edge glass like the S7, S8, S9. Something new.. but Apple is recycling and so in Samsung. where is the Innovation, someone do something different.
  14. Maticks

    8086k strangely hot

    The only other things i can think of is set the Voltage Manual for the CPU don't leave it Auto it can push it higher out of the box when your load spikes on some motherboards. Load Line Calibration as well if its Default should be fine but if it was a used motherboard it might have been changed. If the Radiator is below the CPU Waterblock you could have a bubble stuck in the pump. Raise the Radiator above the Waterblock you can try tipping the case so the Radiator is facing up in the air while turning the system on to get the bubble out. If the Radiator is warm then liquid is flowing if one of the pipes are warm and the other is cold then the Pump is not running and DOA.
  15. Maticks

    8086k strangely hot

    The AIO you bought just checking that you didn't plug in the fan header only which has one wire for pump speed info and pump speed control on that fan header. You have that header set to 100% fan speed Also the sata or molex connector off of the AIO is plugged into a power connector so the pump runs. It is common for that to be missed.