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  1. I had EVGA blower fan a 660 Gtx and blowers run hot. I won't get a blower ever again, they took it in a replaced it but yeah. Stay away from blowers. I'm surprised guys out there are buying second hand mining cards.. Abused Although your call if you can get it cheap probably a decent amount of 1070's going to hit the streets soon.
  2. Bios flash? I know some new mobo's have two bios chips for some reason. And some of the newest 390s. I can't see bios chips on the rundown anywhere.
  3. Reee Sandy Bridge, was overclock heaven 8 years ago
  4. I had to get back up to speed as i have not upgraded cpu in over 6 years. I would get i9 9900k, Although, at that price don't cheap on a mobo. Still no hyper threading on the i7 makes me very hesitant to upgrade from my Ivy Bridge 3770k.
  5. uses arch and complains some packages are broken xD. If you want stability go with a debian based. Just not Lmde, It is a half hearted attempt and they don't even have the sha256sums on their site. I use a version of debian called Devuan ascii. It's very stable, as a debian based should be. They also rebuild many packages so less dependancies. I can manage my Ipod classic on this OS 'or any gnu/linux' Os , :P It's great. Debian has a much more sane sources list than ubuntu. It might be on an older kernal but they had to fork everything and are only 5 guys working on the distro. However it's worked for me and I have been able to game on it as well. They keep some backported packages as well just in case, which is nice. Lots of maintainers do this. Ubuntu is good, it's pretty well maintained, I just ended up changing things and it broke firefox for me (I don't use ipv6 yet). can't figure out proton on either debian or ubuntu, i can't seem to get the newest driver on 18.0 but than again I have just been waiting for it to become the main in repos.
  6. Well sudo is on and Su is off by defualt in Ubuntu? I don't enjoy that, Try to use command sudo -i if you can't log in there than you may need to reformat find a way around. I know chntpw is a great daemon to change passwords if you forget. However I only used it on windows partitions. My advice is to reinstall, would be fastest. Chrooting can be a good method, not sure what links to make to change password but it's quite simple. You can chroot into encrypted partitions too, just can be a bit of a pain and you need to know the pass phrase. You are using MBR? a gtp, efi boot? Just reinstall if you want help with efi set up I can get you started and you can triple or more boot. Grub sits on the Master boot record or in a boot partition. Typically it can even sit in the root directory , with an efiboot loader pointing the uefi-bios towards grub. Pick a distro and reinstall, trust me it's pretty easy. Just back up your stuff, if you can't from user space than run a live USB.. trouble is you need root to run dd command (I'm sure you can do a quick google how to set up a iso into a live usb on linux) just input and output , maybe blocksize. So if you have a windows pc you can also run rufus, If you do have a live usb boot into it, type sudo -i or su and enter the default password, usually it's just root or my favorite toor. Than you can just back up to a usb or whatever extra partitions you have. I like to separate my home and root for this exact reason, also encryption can by a bit troublesome but it does maintain integrity.
  7. Winreducer.
    I have reduced windows Iso over 1 gb. the final size is about 2.2 gb 2.4 gb depending if I install on desktop or laptop with wireless drivers.

    I really think it's a great tool, it just takes some time to get it setup how you want it. I removed net framework and had to reinstall it with dism as I don't have steam on my laptop which would install it for you anyway :) .

  8. My WD drive portable has a password but I wish I had the sense to reformat it and encrypt it properly.. I had a data leak because I can't change the damn password and it's pretty lame password, shorter than password itself. Although my network WD drive is running some form of Vista so I disconnected it untill I can find a way to update it. good luck to you guys with WD's default software.
  9. Czeekaj

    Ryzen Price Drops

    I may buy my first ever AMD CPU in the comming months. Although I don't need an upgrade I got one running 4.1 ghz on 4c 8t It really hasn't been slow enough to justify more OC or replacing it. However in light of recent new a price drop makes them really tempting to jump into the 8core market.
  10. Thanks, anything over 1gbs I have not experienced. It's like uping resolution, I don't think I want to or else I won't wanna go back. Although my VPN will be at like 100mbs which I even use for gaming, so I dunno if more speed would make me jump ship right away. Although where I live Fiber optics is not the easiest thing to obtain. As for cloud computing and eGPU, I rather prefer a local machine and local account. Unless you are running the server.
  11. How will this effect public health if at all, having more radiation everywhere Looks fun though, faster wireless would be nice. It's just a little to slow but it's almost there
  12. Yeah for GPU I recommend going instore to Memory Express or any retailer you can find. Amazon has Huge markups.
  13. how about if you download extra fonts like cursors
  14. BMP images seem a little safer. You can read pictures in note pad, sometimes people can throw code into them. Unlikely but pictures yeah. Fonts I don't have the slightest idea. Usually if you see links in your images like jpgs it could be a security problem.