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  1. I would say in Z2 it is waterproof And in dbrand that you can make realy unique item =) + they have a good tutorials in there. PS: sorry for my bad english i am from Russia =) PSS since when you can sing in with steam acc, or i have been living in a cave without glasses on?
  2. i will not be original but i would say first is IPS display and second is brushed aluminum texture, because i love aluminum. AND most of all freebies
  3. I'd say back buttons, but who knows i have a big hand so it can be bit frustrating, but it is still some thing new for me and ability to change a battery is a plus but i will most likely change it to a stock android, if all possible, and its not that i hate it, just i got used to it after nexus 7.
  4. Hello from Russia. it would be great to have one of those, but delivery to Russia will cost the same as board itself. But still i entered in all 4 ways possible. PS sorry for my bad English