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  1. i'm currently using my backup mouse, a TTesports Saphira with a damaged mousewheel. my keyboard is a corsair K50 that is way past it's best years and a shoddy ozone strato headset. so i could really use some help from Feenix.
  2. well i only said that because it does matter in this case. the person sees in software that they have a XXXX as gpu. so they think it is a graphics card since everybody uses those terms interchangeably.
  3. terminology is pretty important in that matter. a gpu is a graphics processing unit, wich isn't necessarily a dedicated graphics CARD. integrated gpus are still gpus.
  4. Here's the most recent version of my battlestation. my brother got me that meme picture for christmas this system evolved over the past 4 years (2012) full size: http://i.imgur.com/h7vBlhe.jpg system info: http://www.overclock.net/lists/display/view/id/4937798
  5. i'd really like to win a Kova. the mousewheel on my Gladius broke
  6. I'm a bit disappointed that there's no strawpoll for us to vote who we think will win. so i created one ^^ feel free to vote! http://strawpoll.me/5957508
  7. it's a xilence one. cheap, but good for it's price. good luck finding one. i'm afraid they are discontinued. http://www.amazon.de/Xilence-10274-L%C3%BCftersteuerung-Zoll-rot/dp/B000WVEBHU
  8. wow, that's a big compliment ^^ thanks buddy. i'll be removing the twist ties later on. they are there so the cables are fixed in this position for a while. and hopefully stay that way afterwards.
  9. Update So here is the final update. First of all, i created a little timeline recap of how my system evolved. If you are interested, you can look at it here: http://i.imgur.com/caLaUGk.jpg And now, the final pictures: Thanks for following this thread
  10. i did. but i masked the risky areas and i trained beforehand on the old gt9600 i mentioned earlier. i was confident enough in my steady hand ^^
  11. Update hi folks, the cable extension i needed has arrived and i painted the edge of the pcb. this part was some pretty delicate work, but i'm happy with the result. here are some pictures. i will post the final pictures tomorrow, when the paint is dry and i have some daylight to take the pictures.
  12. thank you guys ^^ i appreciate it. lol, well yeah. then there's no more need i guess ^^
  13. i can encourage you. it went smoothly. i didn't even sand the surface or prime it. as long as you're gonna spray it a darker shade than before, it's straight forward.
  14. Hi guys After over a year of ownership, i finally came around to paint my Sapphire R9 290X Tri-X. Thanks to @RollinLower, i remembered to take a few pictures with my shotty phone camera, so that i can make this work log. So let's get started. The first thing i had to do, was completely take apart my graphics card. These are the individual parts. missing the plastic shroud, as it's already out for painting. Here is what the painted shroud looked like on it's own. the paint is still wet. In the meantime, i used an old OEM 9600GT that i had lying around. coinincidentally, also a red one and now, to make up for the lack of documentation pictures, here's some pictures of the finished work. the work is not actually finished tho, as i'm going to replace the pcie-e cables with red extensions (like the ATX cable) and will most likely also paint along the sides of the graphics card's pcb. or in other words: make the yellow line from the cut pcb edge red. feel free to let me know what you think and stay tuned to this thread if you want the see the two other changes that i described above. have a nice day Update 1: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/465343-little-work-log-of-painting-my-gpu-shroud/?p=6282086 Update 2: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/465343-little-work-log-of-painting-my-gpu-shroud/?p=6287231
  15. you might wanna watch this again. links in the description.
  16. thanks you. i uploaded it for you (not my property) http://postimg.org/image/wy6tyl1tz/full/
  17. i won some new bitfenix alchemy 2.0 strips in white i was thinking of buying white leds anyways so i switched right away. what do you guys think? the yellow parts on the gpu shroud will be painted red soon and i'm also gonna get matching red cable extensions for the pcie cables.
  18. didn't think about it but now i do ^^ sadly, i've only got a crappy phone camera at hand. but yeah, i think i'll do that. i have no idea when tho. i'm not very familiar with the possibilities here. can you 'subscribe' to someone, to see their posts? if not, i'll try to pm you when i get to doing that little mod.
  19. oh man, thanks for pointing that out. seems i srewed it up somehow. here's the actual link: http://www.overclock.net/lists/display/view/id/4937798 yeah the gpu shroud will be painted red at some point (the yellow parts only). it actually sticks out way more due to the camera flash. the window is tinted and i've got red LEDs. you can barely see the yellow in daylight. but as soon as the gpu is painted, those red LEDs will be swapped for white ones. thank you very much for your kind words ^^
  20. i'd change that psu asap anyways. i might be snobby but i would never put a cyberpower psu in a somewhat expensive rig.