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    i7-6700k (Overclocked to 4.2ghz)
  • Motherboard
    ASUS IX Apex
  • RAM
    16 gb 3200mhz DDR4
  • GPU
    MSI Gaming X 1060
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  • PSU
    EVGA 650GQ
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    Custom liquid

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  1. Well, out of the blue it worked. Thank you for the help!
  2. There are no settings for that. I have no idea why its not working
  3. Yeah, the included cable. My GPU is a 1060 too.
  4. Thanks for the help but sadly it didint work.
  5. I got an Acer XB241H for Christmas, which I've enjoyed. It's 144hz and supports overclocking up to 180, which is advertised on the box. Every time I try to overclock it though (using Nvidia Control Panel), the monitor goes black and only turns on when I exit test mode. I made show that i turned on overclocking on the monitor, but I guess it doesn't work. I can only get to 146hz and anything after that crashes the monitor. Are there any solutions to this? Thanks.
  6. Well, i lived so that's pretty good. The hurricane went west and missed me, but there was still 60+ MPH wind. I was in the same boat as TheCherryKing, most of the gas stations around me were out of gas and there was a lot of traffic.
  7. I've been through tropical storms and category 1-2 hurricanes, but not a 4-5, which has me a little worried because I'm in the projected path of hurricane Irma. So I wanted to ask if any of you guys have had experience with hurricanes this powerful, because I still don't know if i should go further up north or hunker down in my house. Thanks in advance/
  8. So in the bios for my motherboard, there's an option to have the CPU temperature displayed on the q-code display. Well, i enabled that function and i was comparing the q-code temp display to the temps on HWmontior, and they were about 5 or more apart. Has anyone that has an asus mobo had this issue? W Hat would cause the temps to be different.
  9. There are currently 1,307 users on, so don't worry, you aren't alone. Also, happy birthday.
  10. That might help, but I've really never had dry skin over a long period of time. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  11. Not yet, but that sounds like a good idea.
  12. Recently, i have added led strips to my computer and the strips really illuminate the dust on everything. I spent a few minuets cleaning dust off, and everything looked good after that. I have dusted off my computer and several parts of my room several times and the dust all seems to come back within a week or 2. How can i make my room less dusty? I have a dust filter running on my desk, and every intake fan in my computer has a dust cover. Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, i really have tried a lot of things though.
  13. Sorry for huge and slightly confusing title, I'm just curious if they will host another LTX next year. I remeber someone saying in a wan show that they might do one next year if the turnout was good for the 2017 one. I havent really seen many videos(other than 2) on LTX, so i cant really tell if alot of people went. Thanks.