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  1. Gaming Monitor

    I found HP Omen x35 for 600€ so I bought that one! The decision has been made lol. What do you think?
  2. Gaming Monitor

    I found it at 430€ on amazon which is exactly my pricepoint but then +450€ to ship to Portugal. God dammit! This one is free sync, which is g-sync but for AMD right? I actually like LG a lot for any type of display.
  3. Gaming Monitor

    Do you think g-sync is worth it? Anyway show me! I have been looking the whole day for a monitor.
  4. Mechanical Keyboard tenkeyless

    That seems a good price and keyboard with everything I wanted actually, but this is the problem with amazon to portugal nowadays.. I still remenber when the shipping was free for most of the products.
  5. Gaming Monitor

    So If I am playing with one monitor at 144hz boderless windowed, the g-sync will turn on and not mess up while I am on the other one at 60hz watching a youtube video? Assuming I set it to work on boderless. Do you know any other monitor at 144hz 1080p ultrawide cheaper? lol Thanks for the help you're giving btw!
  6. Gaming Monitor

    I heard that it will mess up if you dont have your game on fullscreen, which I usually dont. I keep it on boderless so I can access the stuff from the second monitor. I havent studied the 1ms stuff. it is response time? How so? I havent yet but I will buy a desk monitor support to attach the monitor like this one: https://pt.gearbest.com/tv-wall-mount/pp_662889.html?wid=1433363&currency=EUR&vip=4437066&gclid=CjwKCAjwgYPZBRBoEiwA2XeupasPVKY6ao5tWuYdayZAaWN8dhGc0WQlIC28x-hotfhwgmNHUQ3WYxoCNLIQAvD_BwE The monitor doesnt have the screw slot in the back? And those are all 750-800€, that's expensive
  7. Gaming Monitor

    Greetings everyone Directly to the point. I have a good pc build, with GTX 1070 Asus Dual. Right now I am using a Asus VS278H but I wanna upgrade to: -Ultrawide with more than 27" for a more immersive experience; -I'm not sure about Free-sync or G-sync since I am going to use another monitor for facebook, youtube, streams; ( connecting the second monitor to my motherboard,hdmi, will mess up with g-sync?); -More than 100Hz, pref 144hz; -1ms or close to it; - can be mounted on a support; - res, at least, 1080p Looking for the cheapest on this conditions, I'm from Portugal and shipping with amazon costs 500-900$ which is impossible. Hope I can get your help to choose one! thanks!
  8. Mechanical Keyboard tenkeyless

    By the way, why are mechanical keyboards good for gaming? from what I read they just have more durability.
  9. Mechanical Keyboard tenkeyless

    I'm looking for the cheapest one with those features, not sure where's the price range for that though.
  10. Mechanical Keyboard tenkeyless

    Greetings Techxperts! I mainly game on my computer, all types of games, and I find very disturbing having a numbpad that I dont use, taking space that I could have to move my mouse. I keep finding myself adjusting because from time to time I bump my mouse to my keyboard and sometimes it even changes dpi and all ahah. I never used one but I heard mechanical keyboards are great and endure much longer. I would like to give it a try too. SO I'm looking for a mechanical keyboard that has: -Preferably silent click keys; -Light(RGB or blue); -Tenkeyless( without numbpad ); -anti-ghosting ( that thing where you can press mutiple keys and it will register them all ) -Simple, nothing to fancy and expensive; All that I found so far are too expensive because of other features I dont need/want, so I decided to ask for your help! Thanks in advance and happy building!
  11. Side Monitor

    Hello Tech Guys, I am thinking on buying a second monitor but I've been off the market for a long time and now I'm a bit confused. My main monitor is Asus Monitor LED FHD VS278H (27"), but i need another one to place on top of this one. What resolution / size would you recomend? I was thinking about between 23' to 27' My GPU is Nvidia GTX 960 2GB My budget is only 170€
  12. Gaming Mouse

    the only bad thing people say about the G502 is that it is not very good to move fast for FPS, because it is kinda heavy. But in my opinion that's a good thing, I like heavier to control better.
  13. Gaming Mouse

    The Logitech makes good mouses it seems, and the g502 is alwasy being recomended. Best of all is not expensive.
  14. Gaming Mouse

    Hi everyone! Briefly: My current mouse, Razer Deathadder that I really like from 6-7 years, is missing some clicks already. I really like the mouse but I havent really tried anything else. For gaming, mostly FPS, but if it has some more buttons even better for some MMORPGS. What mouse do you recomend for a budget of top: 80€-90€, but prefer around 60-70€. I've seen a lot of these posts but you recomend a lot of diferent ones, I hope I can finish this with a decision. My grip is fingertip, mostly. PS: Is really urgent, my current one is broken and I need one ASAP. But wanna make a good decision.
  15. Upgrade or Re-Build?

    Well I dont have much, I was thinking on 400-500€ plus the stuff that I can sell. What's your opinion with a budget of 600€ if I can sell some parts? New Motherboard, RAM, CPU and wait for a new GPU when I get more money?