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  1. It wouldn't be comfortable at all, I would just buy a 550-600W psu for future upgrades.
  2. I had just bought my Rx580 off of Ebay, claiming to be "New" and never used, I unpackaged it and it checked out, I plugged it in and noticed my temps were a little too high for idle, I continued and loaded a game and noticed the loading screens for almost every game would take up 100% of my GPU, and in return i would see 75 C on a loading screen. While in game it hovers around 76-79 and when it hits 80 it goes ballistic and ramps up its fan speeds and it gives me a black screen almost instantly. I had allowed and open flow test and the results were the same, i messed with the fan curve and it remained same, i would be willing to take a look inside the GPU once i have an alternative compound to spread onto the dye, (i ordered conductonaut). I have no idea what else it would be besides memory not being cooled properly, if you have any suggestions, i would greatly appreciate it. - Thanks
  3. get 1080ti, 2080 doesn't have anything more than price, except Ray tracing (which is completely useless imo) you can find used ones for ~ $600
  4. I have a playstation eye for a usb microphone, it works on virtually any other game and or platform but the xbox app doesn't support the sample rate for the mic, so i went to settings> advanced and noticed it was locked, how do i change this?-thanks
  5. Mr.Sir


    its a bit more ~80usd more, but i wouldnt play with ultra/AA, i hate AA and ultra's a bit silly for me, so would AA and high settings effect frames in any way?
  6. Mr.Sir


    would future games like BF6 work just as ok if I was to manage a better CPU/MOBO/RAM upgrade?
  7. Mr.Sir


    I currently have a 650ti paired with a 3470s and want a 1070/2600k@1440p, my goal is to hit smooth 60frames with little to no dips i play mildly hard to run games: GTA V, BF4, NoMansSky, Witcher 3 wild hunt, and cavegame i am running a 1080p 144hz monitor, and i will intend to keep it for competitive games: CS:GO, but i feel as if its not enough for my needs so i will be getting a 1440p60hz SVA Samsung panel: i also plan to use fast-sync on the 1440p monitor to make it smooth. I don't care about high refresh rates, frames don't matter for me as long as its over 50 Will this bottleneck and be terrible?
  8. Mr.Sir


    no intel i7 2600k
  9. Mr.Sir


    I have a Z68 mobo with a 3470s and will be getting a rx580. I was wanting to know if i could get a big performance hit with the 2600k. I play 50/50 multiplayer load-in map games and open world singleplayer [Subnautica etc.] my mobo does not have cooling at all so i couldnt really go nuts with oc'ing, i think i could hit a good 4.4Ghz the ones im finding are on ebay, listed at $100
  10. Mr.Sir

    1440p vs 1080p ulrawide

    no, i want to have a main monitor for gaming, maybe switch now and then but not two at once
  11. Mr.Sir

    1440p vs 1080p ulrawide

    don't care about refresh rate, i have Rx580 8GB (as mentioned above if you would read). I already have a 144hz 24" 1080p monitor. I can tweak setting for almost every game achieve consistent 60-75fps and i will have freesync nvidia is scum ($250-350 for Gsync)
  12. Mr.Sir

    1440p vs 1080p ulrawide

    well the 34UM69-B can be the other choice, i was thinking it would be to big for 2560x1080
  13. Mr.Sir

    1440p vs 1080p ulrawide

    In the tittle i don't care about vesa, i have Rx 580 8GB, framerate doesn't matter to me unless its under 50fps. I care about the gaming experience. the C27H711 has 75hz as well with free sync enabled
  14. Mr.Sir

    Mini PC to sub $600?

    actually that case is amazing for its price. very quiet and actually doesn't feel cheap at all, barely any flex
  15. Mr.Sir

    2500k w/ 1080 @ 3440X1440

    that's the I really liked. so that paired with lets say an asus 1080ti/ 2500k would be great for gaming?