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  1. id go with the noctua or a cryorig r1.
  2. battlefield 1 run likes crap for most people, not as well made as battlefield 4.
  3. worst troll ever even if this was true, it would be because of cpu bottleneck. i would personally get a second hand 980ti, you can pick them up for just a bit more than a 1060 6gb and theyre much better.
  4. you clearly havent mounted it correctly then, because i had an r1 ultimate and it was almost as good as my kraken x61.
  5. MrJarhead

    Asus VS278

    it means the monitor can be overclocked by using nvidias control panel to create a custom resolution or amds equivalent. my old acer 60hz could be overclocked to around 75hz also.
  6. i have mine delidded with a kraken x61. i can overclock to 4.8ghz 1.3v and on prime95 it only just hits 70c.
  7. 60hz monitor though, ewwww just no.
  8. this is a very nice solid build with good components.
  9. your psu was smoking? should have grounded him and sent him to bed.
  10. whatever you do DO NOT get that gigabyte one, i had it and it has severe intel chipset issues which cause it to give you latency spikes. read here: https://communities.intel.com/thread/53294
  11. 8 Megabit is 1 Megabyte, so if you have 12 Megabits you should see a speed of around 1.5 MB/s
  12. why did you buy a 6800k to not buy a good cooler? makes no sense mate.
  13. i can assure you an i5 will bottleneck a 1080.
  14. just get the 7700k its already been said, best cpu for gaming, fact.
  15. you seriously dont know much about current gen cpus, you have a 4690k with a 1080ti, nice bottleneck i see, hows your fps on bf1? highly bottlenecked due to 100% cpu usage.
  16. 3770k is still a very good cpu, if you can get a fair price for it, do the upgrade.
  17. how doesnt it matter? you have one upgrade route with a 7600k and thats the 7700k, if you get a ryzen 1600, you get much better multi threaded performance, cheaper cpu and a much better upgrade path. i5s are pretty useless now and especially in newer titles.
  18. thats not the point, a ryzen 1600 is cheaper than any i5 and is much better. i5s are now pegged at 100% usage in a lot of games.
  19. not being offensive to anyone but if you recommend an i5 you need to reevaluate your life, its either a ryzen 1600 or a 7700k, 7700k being better for gaming.
  20. Then you either have a bad chip or have mounted the cooler wrong, even with a 212 those temps are way off. Before i delidded my 4790k prime95 would give me around 70-75c on prime95 v26.6 with an r1 ultimate, granted it's a dual tower cooler your temps should be lower. What you want to do is lower your voltage further, the majority of 4790ks should be able to run stock at around 1.1v. also you do realise prime95 gives unrealistic temps anyway... you won't get Them temps gaming etc.