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  1. i dont have windows 10 paid just free. i used a dual moniter background to get it on both moniters
  2. is there anyone that can help me flip the wall paper im using. like what the left monitor has as a photo on the right side?
  3. well the desk is made of partical board but has these pre drilled holes for the legs.
  4. Does the middle leg get in the way of leg space if i were to install it?
  5. thanks i will use one from the back of pc. is there any that is white?
  6. well you see i would like to buy a new wireless mouse but im a 15 yearold and my mom wont let me sooo.
  7. would i just have a cable clip on the back of the desk to make sure he mouse doesnt snag on anything?
  8. what else could i do to get rid of my mouse and keyboard cords without drilling a hole in my desk. i want my setup to look clean af.
  9. im asking what could i buy for cable management. disregard the budget.
  10. like what could i use for cable management.
  11. Budget (500$ cad) Country: Canada Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming/Productivity Other details (Ryzen 5 2600 oc 4.1 ghz, 16gb ram, gtx 1060 6 gb, i have a pair of logitech g pro headphones, corsair harpoon rgb mouse and razer black widow v2., this old piece of shit desk and chair, ikea linnmon 200x60 cm and already bought dps gaming chair from costco, im running dual moniters at 1080 60hz.i cannot upgrade my moniters because i am not allowed., etc): I would to know how i would go about putting together a minimalistic white and green setup. my chair has red accents on the threads. i want the setup to have some space theme but also northern lights themed. my accent colour to the white and green is going to be blue. i have around 500$ to spend what should i all get?
  12. nope its using this weird 3x2 but on the bottom left there is no ping its like a 1x1 attached to a 2x2. they probably did. if you search up mobo power connectors its like the one half of the connectors with the one pin missing in the corner.
  13. could i use a soder gun and or strip the wires and cut both of them to switch the wires so its the old cable on the new case?
  14. it was a prebuilt. the mobo has a 3x2 pin layout for the oringal case. and it does not state on the mobo where to plug everything in witht he new case. so i kinda just winged it and put the power and reset switch beside each other.