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  1. KieranTHeBesT

    Thermal paste on CPU pins

    Alcohol bath should do the trick with no harm to it
  2. KieranTHeBesT

    Minecraft shaders and texture packs

    I play on the linus tech tips minecraft server and i was wondering what the best medium to heavy weight texture pack and also shaders pack i could get 60 fps with(both on) gtx 1060 6gb and i5 4430
  3. KieranTHeBesT

    best cooler

    cad alberta i can order online
  4. KieranTHeBesT

    best cooler

    its also needs to have thermal paste with it
  5. KieranTHeBesT

    best cooler

    i have a i5 4430 and the stock cooler flimsy attachments devices broke so it wont go on. im wanting to upgrade to am4 in about a year or more so i need future compatibility
  6. KieranTHeBesT

    best cooler

    can someone find me the best cooler around 20$ cad which can fit lga1150 and am4 socket size
  7. KieranTHeBesT

    thermal paste

    no can do.
  8. KieranTHeBesT

    thermal paste

    i cant get new thermal paste because my mom wont let me go to the store to buy some and i cant order online cause she doesnt want her card hacked and my cpu thermal paste is 100% dry and not working.what do i do?
  9. KieranTHeBesT


    To get into game design and game programming what classes should i take in post secondary?
  10. KieranTHeBesT

    game creation

    ok thanks
  11. KieranTHeBesT

    game creation

    do you guys know any easy to use game creators that is free as of now.
  12. KieranTHeBesT

    apex legends

    i mean in general
  13. KieranTHeBesT

    apex legends

    is it apex legends more cpu or gpu based if gpu how much more fps will i get with a better cpu?
  14. i was wondering if any body wanted to teach me to code sometime this weekend.
  15. KieranTHeBesT

    New to coding help

    that would be nice thanks.