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  1. Regarding mounting pressure, i will let him sent me an image of the old cooling paste maybe i can see it was uneven. The chipset driver is a good tip. we did use the one of the motherboard website but a new one was released a few days ago. The energy plan was not considerd by me but i will check that. But even with an "old" chipset dirver and a windows power plan the PC should not crash. I guess an uneven installertion of the cooler is still my best lead.
  2. Hello everybody, a friend of mine did want a new PC for gaming so i helped him selecting decent componments. Hardware: Since we are all social distancing right now i helped him remotely to build the PC. On the day of the build we checked that it is booting and everything seemed to be fine. Problem: PC "stops" and immediately reboots after 1 minute of gaming Originally i suggested a BeQuiet Pure Power 11 PSU but that was not available so he got the Seasonic instead. I dont know a lot about Seasonic PSUs but i think it is decent enough not to cause any problems. On the Day of the build i did check the BIOS version of the board and it was the latest one from november 2019. We also activated the XMP profile for 3600MHz. For troubleshooting i let him do several tests. Prime95 for CPU Heat: The PC did shut down after a short time. I let him check the temp in hwmonitor but the last value he did see was ~75°C. The idle temp before did not seem high to me considering that he is using the boxed cooler. FurMark for GPU and PSU testing: The test did run several minutes ok. so i think the PSU can supply enough power and the is no problem with the GPU. But the CPU did also heat up slowly and when sitting at ~75°C for one minute or so the PC did reboot again. When installing the boxed cooler my friend said that the last of the 4 screws into the backplate was a litte bit diffucult to get in. I googled that and it seems to me that this happens sometimes. The thermal paste was preapplied to the cooler and i did let my friend check if there was another piece of plastic to pull of before installing. The fan is also plugged in and the fan is spinning up higher when the temp goes up. My conclusion: I dont think the is a lot that can go wrong installing the boxed cooler but this looks to me like the cpu is overheating until it shuts itself off and "less than perfect" temp reporting by hwmonitor. Maybe the cooler does not have full contact but with 7nm architecture and everything else i know the boxed cooler should not cause any problem like this. I did let my friend order new thermal paste (MX-2) form amazon but that will not be delivered until wednesday. My plan is to reinstall the cooler(and reseat the cpu at that chance) and to look if anything changes. Does my reasoning look correct? Is there anything else i can remotely let my friend test?
  3. Hello, i currently have two Samsung U32J590 (LU32J590UQUXEN) monitors connected to my Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ via displayport and when windows puts them into standby(locked or energy setting) they start to turn on and off again, as seen in the video. I already tried turning freesync off and they both are connected with different DP cabels. screens_on-off.mp4 Befor i upgraded my computer i had the same problem in a different style. The on/off circle was way slower and sometimes the was a windows sound like a new device has been connected. The monitors have a line out for speakers that my computer recognises as audio devices. I tried deactivating the output device in windows today but thats not changeing anything. Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. I don't think the 1200$ screen in the price comparison is a good fit. Of cause you are going to spend a lot of money if you buy a screen for professional work on images and videos but for most people buying those iMacs a decent ~200$ IPS screen is more than enough. I mean most people who just need a machine for their daily work are forced to spend 1000$ for the intigrated perfect-ish screen withot the option for a regular one.
  5. In Why does LTT have so many staff?? (7:02) they say he didn't complete finished his engineering major.
  6. I was actually thinking how this kind of watercooling be for some years. Its really cool you guys tried it.?