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  1. i think the tricky part of going for a choice between both sides is due to 2GB DDR4 sticks not being as common as the DDR3 era was, since a 2x2GB 4x2GB path might offer better bandwidth immediately (of course i don't have the hardware to test this for DDR4) than 1x4GB 2x4GB. Admittedly, going for sticks of 4GB allows for more capacity further down the road (i.e. 4x4GB with most m/ATX boards), but it'll depend (as of right now) on how close are we to DDR5 in mainstream hardware (also if the sticks can be reused in newer boards. i just suffered RAM incompatibility on TRX40 with old sticks. i know this and it hurts in more ways than one) i guess there's an upsell to be made here. like if there's a full budget for only a single-channel build, maybe consider getting the second stick as a set (i.e. wait a little longer) or get it as soon as they can afford it (i.e. buy the same stick again later). might be strange to go for no-RAM option-A for brick-and-mortar stores that usually try to sell a complete and POSTable system though ._.
  2. so there's this tangent regarding people and psudosciences. timestamp 19:52

    TL;DW: imagine others complexly

  3. i previously brought up a case prototype which was kinda like if the TU150 and the O11D Mini had a baby


    mmmm turns out it'll need more work. TU150 handle interferes with a lot of VRM heatsinks


    still need the case though ,_, might use my old case as a tide-me-over once i have RAM and noctua's SP3 D15

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    2. DildorTheDecent


      TU150 handle doesn't interfere with any VRM heatsinks.


      The mount for the handle doesn't protrude down into the build area.


      Obviously you mean the CX2 handle interferes with VRM heatsinks.

    3. VegetableStu


      i meant like they used the same handle hardware from the TU150, but without the false ceiling that made the TU150 make sense ._.

    4. TVwazhere


      If that case was $175 and available, that would be amazing. I very much like this case overall

  4. it's made for kids, let's leave it at ._. EDIT: as for the technical parts: as mentioned elsewhere i'm more interested in how they did the dragonfly's eyeballs (because that's not how light works but they've broken a few rules to achieve the shaders-as-pupils look). octopus i think it's been thought-exercised to death on my side (finding dory, pirates of the caribbean). photoreal shaders nothing new. the logistics for the greenscreen work though. how many mocap actors or stand-ins were used for the animals? also i kinda liked that they stuck to the extremes of the respective animals for the physical face and their facial expressions, especially for polly the parrot (instead of going full caricature or taxidermy-cartoon) caaaaaan't defend the plot. had to leave my brain at home, otherwise i'd've left within the first 10 minutes after the intro sequence
  5. felt like a Pirates movie. not what i had in mind going in (and being vaguely aware that there was an eddie murphy dolittle movie previously)


    dragonfly eyes don't work like that, but i'm kinda curious as to how they made them anyway


    definitely stream it though

    1. VegetableStu


      also note to self as part of being a bit more open to movies i'm skeptical about: catch that chinese animated mythology movie and sonic the hedgehog

  6. or do what the china-based fansub group does and make voiceovers in your language with a group of like-minded people? gotta find somewhere to upload other than youtube though (this comment does not represent LMG; do this on your own discretion and follow the wishes raised by actual staff)
  7. .... thermal paste sniffer? o_o


  8. eh, convince motherboard and GPU manufacturers to add more than two type-c ports, and i'll consider ._. heck, even Apple's current macbooks are all type-c
  9. where did you guys buy a whole durian in canada? o_o
  10. *existential internal screaming intensifies*


    1. wkdpaul


      Yeah, love Tom Scott, but that thumbnail? Nope ... Won't watch!

  11. maybe consider that cloudflare did not sponsor the video ._.
  12. how would you know if it wasn't GIMP? D: (also yes duh) EDIT: sorry for the unwarranted sass ,_,
  13. if you mean cooling with a compressor of a fridge:
  14. automated teller machines everywhere: "what? AMD does good CPUs now? How does the 1700X compare?"
  15. source: https://www.anandtech.com/show/15359/trx80-and-wrx80-dont-exist-neither-does-the-intel-lga1159-socket welp. GN's got their first bite for reporting on WRX80 ,_, I'd think they'd be quadruple shy with that source now at least this one's a mild case of "prototype leak misinterpreted as complete" ._. Although Intel did have pin additions from 1151 onwards, solely for increasing power contact sooo yeah. just some housekeeping post-CES, in case people are still looking forward to WRX80 in some form (if you ask me, I'd reckon AMD would have learned from intel that a single motherboard for a single compatible CPU would have issues getting interest and making sales ._.) as for all the technicalities, EPYC does 8-channel, so an 8-channel Threadripper would be "somewhat trivial". it's just the motherboard design side would be the one with the most headaches. and let's not get to LGA 1200 vs 1159, although I reckon they're another power pin addition for more cores (10th gen desktop is rumoured to top out at 10 cores)
  16. How Many Amps Before It Melts? Computer Connectors Edition
  17. RIP W7, my life from 2009

    (i mean one could still use the OS without support, but yeah the ship has sailed now)

  18. fun fact: HCC dies for Skylake and Cascade lake top out at 18 cores if this rumour is true, intel will be socketing their XCC chips (think a certain 28 core) onto LGA2066. it's doable, but would power delivery make sense? o_o
  19. .... shit.


    1. Arika S

      Arika S

      and it's still burning :(

    2. Pascal...