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  1. middle fingers:

    if pointing: okay

    if angry: not okay


    not sure what i think about 🖕 o-o

    1. VegetableStu


      "you know, you get bugs flying around in here everywhere up there..."

  2. VegetableStu

    Linus Tech

    all I can think of is what language has that grammar structure natively o_o
  3. why does Doctor Strange have to fight Thanos before giving up the Time Stone...?




    if there's something he's done to somehow steer the timeline to that only one where everything works out against Thanos, i'm kinda curious on how o_o

    1. floofer


      It was the only way

    2. CUDAcores89
  4. VegetableStu

    Bowser is the New President of Nintendo of America

    i'm going to have a hard time not thinking about the turtle monster ._.
  5. dammit, John Green has retired from the Mental Floss video projects ._.

    (i mean a new host would be inevitable, but their script style feels like it left with him ,_,)

  6. VegetableStu

    Cryptojacking apps discovered on Microsoft's store

    system HEVC and HEIF drivers ._. yeah, even at that, it's dumb
  7. breaking news: Samsung visually swears on stage, LOL




  8. seriously, if i have a severe concussion i'll 90% lose access to everything ._.
  9. samsung Galaxy S10 event starts within the hour



    unfortunately i'm away from my desktop so i can't livethread this properly ,_,

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    2. floofer


      two thousand USD oh my that's too much for a phablet. 

    3. VegetableStu


      ooookay i guess i do care a bit o_o (only because i'm not supposed to be sleeping now actually)

    4. floofer




      Looks like i'm spot on as usual

  10. anything that the CPU needs, has to be taken from RAM ._. this is how calculators work, let alone computers
  11. VegetableStu

    Globalfoundries might sell to Samsung or SK Hynix

    big oof o_o
  12. VegetableStu

    Why not sell GDDR5/6 as gamer RAM?

    wasn't there that chinese console PC that had GDDR5 RAM as system RAM...? o_o EDIT: oh derp didn't read good