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  1. this is probably one of the more suboptimal ways to live a life, but the results of next week will set the tone and determine the course of the rest of my year


    i'll be posting less everywhere (assuming i behave well enough to see that through). don't think of me if i don't return to posting after the next week or two

    1. Pascal...


      Good luck to you 🍀

  2. yeah i didn't do my due diligence on identifying the nature of the tweet (or maybe the person in general), so that's totally on me ,_,
  3. just because their workflow is heavily linux-based doesn't mean their outreach and PR department and equipment can't use something else after the sanitation barrier ._.
  4. i remember a firsthand BTS of one of their older movies that briefly had the ubuntu taskbar visible on a screen with maya open. they're a lot more tight on workflow minutae these days, even as to air gap their presentation in an interview on a separate laptop (even running Keynote), rather than to operate and demonstrate directly on the machines in the room
  5. sorry, you know why i'm doing this. carry on from here
  6. .... imma lay off political commentary for a bit ( /)_(\
  7. words of a guy who doesn't care for 100% of the 24.6 million people under his charge ._.
  8. oh geez this is unnecessarily complicated ._. but i guess it must make sense in medical documentation ugh another change in how i read the news again
  9. wait, actual SARS, or C19? o_o (if it's C19, that #tag needs to die)
  10. yeah personally i found out that i can't tune that tone out of my head ,_, even when my ears are occupied with something. it's not something i could easily tolerate when it's making that noise in extended render runs too (and i'm already pretty forgiving to begin with for that kind of situation) i mean it's a blessing that you're able to live with that ,_, yeah that's normal, fan manufacturers (at the very least on the consumer end) have a percentage deviation from the rated RPM, so there's a soft lottery on the max rotational speed the particular fan you have would actually top out on for reference, notcua specifies the deviation of the A14 ippc 3000 at +/-10%, so you might have one that averages at the bottom. mine averages at about 2900 if i remember right ._.
  11. they're the same noise when they're spinning at similar RPMs, but once the industrial fan spins faster than 1500 you'd definitely notice it ._. probably save the 100% PWM setting for something pretty hot, like 95c on the fan control curve. if you feel like you're regretting the decision to buy the industrial fan down the road, you can turn the fan down to similar levels to the NF-A14 and it should be just about as quiet
  12. oh oof ._. so that's on malaysia then
  13. there hasn't been any concrete news on intel's HEDT side. the last time roadmaps were discussed, intel doesn't have an update for HEDT through 2020 ._. if you need a PC now, buy the best for your budget now. otherwise if you feel like you can wait past 2021 then i wouldn't stop your decision to hold or fold
  14. so there has been updates to the arcgis tracker, and i noticed the one for malaysia doesn't take into account that the territory has two main bodies of land. they are literally east and west malaysia and i feel like the stats should differentiate locate them accordingly ._.