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  1. mod for the next week: shave about 1-2mm off the fins of the inside fan cavity on the dark rock pro tr4. got a sneaking suspicion that the tight fit is causing the motor to vibrate the fins and make a high-pitched sound ,_,

    see this is what happens when you design a tower cooler to use a nonstandard fan frame ._.


    EDIT: okay it turns out that my observation on the DRP TR4 regarding a noctua fan in the gap was a bit unfounded. there is a way to finesse the fan in there with the rubber pads mounted (don't hide the cable underneath the top heatsink cover), so that the fan vibration isn't transferred as much. the problem of the industrial 3000 fan being a tad whiny is just purely the way it behaves.


    soooo yeah, i guess i won't be bringing a file or dremel to the heatsink anytime soon ,_,