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  1. I just realized that your profile picture looks different based on if people use the light theme or the dark theme...or something like that xD

    How exactly did you accomplish that?


    Light theme:



    Dark theme:


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    2. Den-Fi
    3. VegetableStu


      i work with the following "colours":

      • day theme background, so that it'll be "invisible" to the day theme
        • the shades are done on opacity/mask, so you can have an entire range of shades that won't appear on the day theme
      • night theme background, which is "invisible" to the night theme
        • ditto
      • a third shade, just normally to appear on both
        • can be any colour actually
        • although i kinda want to explore if colour shifting is possible


      so yeah. if I manually shift the layers it'll look like this:


      (dammit i forgot to turn on one more layer, but it's just a fully-opaque day theme image)



      there's one guy's avatar that looked pretty cool in night theme (the name escapes me ,_, I'll probably post here when i see them again)

      PS: that's not meant to be my face btw. quite faaaaaar from it LOL


      EDIT: i could probably do one for discord's palette, LOL. i set up my .psd so that i can just switch colours depending on the background of the two themes


      EDIT: YES ninjake



    4. 2SidedPolygon


      Ah, clever. I might try and give my profile picture an edit to have the colorschemes work out. Thanks a lot, man!