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  1. VegetableStu

    Talks of Disney to buy Game Giant Nexon

    if there's a maplestory movie i won't be catching it if there's a grinder game about most disney IP.... mmmmnnnn ehhhhh
  2. I have opinions!

    regarding the portable HPC ITX systems use case: yeah that thing has clearance issues:

    • people building in an S4 mini or a Sentry or an ML08 or a DAN A4 can forget about getting this
    • people using an NH-C14 in an Ncase M1 (or the NH-C14 or NH-L12 heatsinks in general) can forget about getting this
    • people with PSUs over the motherboard (that silverstone shoebox case) can forget about getting this

    bottom line: THAT CARD MAKES ZERO SENSE IN SMALL/PORTABLE SYSTEM BUILDS. those building in a normal case on that ITX motherboard, maybe, but if they're using tower heatsinks, those would interfere with those cards most of the time!


    maybe when it's a normal case with an AIO, maybe.

  3. in other news: TIL i walk at 4km/h and run at 20km/h


    source: there's a service-machine road that had an IR speed indicator, LOL

    1. DaJakerBoss


      vroom vroom


  4. I've been setting aside upgrade money for quite some time, plus a few drawings on my next build (because SFF build could use that level of pre-planning). nowadays I feel like I can tolerate my current machine a little more


    Kinda looking forward to Zen 2's threadripper, but I feel like I'll be following what Tony Stark did in Ironman 1



    wait to be ambushed and viscerally wounded and medically kidnapped before using the plans 


  5. VegetableStu

    How Do You Like to Dress?

    does it hurt when you sit? o_o
  6. those attempting a flexible phone should make it one contiguous piece externally. the hinges shouldn't expose the display layer at all. also agree on the protective layer, especially when it won't do the job over time (there's a reviewer who had her unit started peeling like a cheap sheet screen protector) kinda counted on the samsung phone being the more durable one, since the display is inside the clamshell, but now I have super serious doubts on royole's and huawei's attempts (especially with the numerous number of hinges on huawei's, and that thing doesn't compensate for the bend length at all (since it's creasing upwards when "flat")) it definitely has a place, but not when it's built like that (although I prefer samsung folded the other dimension. reminded me of nokia's lipstick phone ._.) maybe related: compliant mechanisms
  7. i'm also waiting for someone to bring one edge case up, LOL
  8. okay you might need a diagram: iDevice: digital audio -> lightning socket ->||-> lightning headphone(digital audio -> lightning DAC -> analog audio -> sound driver / speaker) audio device: digital audio -> DAC -> analog audio -> 3.5mm socket ->||-> 3.5mm headphone(analog audio -> sound driver / speaker) tm;dr: there is a Digital-Analog Converter on a lightning headset (usually the lightning connector, or an IC further up the headset). for traditional mp3 players the DAC is in the player itself, so it outputs analog. your iDevice outputs digital over the lightning port because that's how it's designed. if you want to use an analog source with a headset that requires a digital one, you need an Analog-Digital Converter, which at this point would be pretty pointless since it goes through so many conversions from the device to the speaker
  9. VegetableStu

    Dark Theme or Light Theme

    Default Theme /CHAOTIC NEUTRAL
  10. not worth the effort. the DAC is in the lightning connector part of the headset. converting a pair of lightning headphones would require an ADC from the 3.5mm output end.
  11. disregarding the power plug form factors for a bit: that'll depend on the kind of power input your storage device needs motherboard fan headers only does 12V at usually 1A. the SATA power cable carries 12V 5V and 3V rails. the voltage it operates on and current it'll draw depends on each device, although 3.5" hard disks will definitely draw more than 1A on the 12V rail when it's actively processing data or even spinning up 2.5" disks usually use 5V exclusively, but definitely check before trying out. also it's already the wrong voltage supplied from the fan headers. https://arduino.stackexchange.com/questions/28815/do-i-need-to-supply-the-12v-connection-to-an-hdd https://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php/752596-Are-all-SSD-s-5V-devices-What-about-the-micro-HDD-s
  12. VegetableStu

    Make ANY PC Into a Hackintosh!

    THE ULTIMATE MAC PRO APPLE REFUSES TO MAKE sounds like a great idea o_o (just need to figure out what benchmarks along with cinebench R20 to run on) and to goad the trashcan pro: two Radeon VIIs, LOL or just the cheesegrater pro sleeper once again EDIT: forgot to ask: does it do Airdrop?
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